Saturday's gadget: LG Gram Pro, a laptop with its own weight

When evaluating a laptop, one of the key questions (if not the most) is durability, that is, how long we can use it. The life of the battery, its processing capacity, memory… will determine how long it will be useful to us. The standard states that a laptop lasts between three and five years. And here comes the second question: if it is a work tool, we could divide the investment by these figures.

That said, we present the LG Gram Pro, a laptop that, due to its characteristics, would easily reach five years of use and whose price is around 2.2oo euros, about 450 per year of investment. The reasons why it would reach 5 years of use are many and we go one by one. The first is inscribed in the DNA of the Gram family and even in its etymology: weight. With Less than 1.3 kg and 13 mm thick, the LG Gram Pro is one of the lightest on the market if we take into account the internal power. It almost carries itself. To this we must add that, with your purchase, the Gram + View external screen (also 16 inches) is included as a gift, which connects to the computer (anyone) with a USB cable and weighs just 670 grams. That turns the laptop into a double workstation that weighs less than two kilos and is very easy to carry and bring.

To achieve this meager weight, the key is to reduce everything to the essentials: minimal frames, a light and resistant hinge and a magnesium and nanocarbon body that not only reduces weight, but also provides durability and resistance, since has passed 7 tests of military standard STD.MIL-810 that have to do with resistance to falls and corrosion, adding years of use.

And speaking of the screen: OLED, 120 Hz refresh rate, excellent resolution and anti-reflective treatment, all positive. On the opposite side we have the absence of touch capacity, both on the laptop and on the attached screen. And in the balance are 400 nits of brightness: just enough for this range, taking into account that there are other laptops with more brightness and a similar number with less. So much The body and the screen show an unusual cleanliness in laptops thanks to a dark gray matte finish that “disguises” fingerprints and marks.

The LG Gram Pro model 16Z90SP-A has a more than adequate number of ports: four USB (two USB-C and two USB-A), one HDMI 2.1 and one 3.5mm output. Obviously, it also has Bluetooth connectivity.

It is also worth highlighting the infrared sensors that allow biometric identification (they work very well) and the sound, both output and microphones. In this last section, the camera works properly and we have a key to disconnect it, which makes tasks much easier and slightly protects privacy.

As far as the brain is concerned, we have the Intel Core Ultra 7 and a dedicated graphics card like the RTX 3050, 32 GB RAM and 512 GB storage. What does this mean? That we will have Portable for at least four years, even when we dedicate ourselves to tasks as demanding as video editing. Proof of this is the battery: it supposedly reaches 22 hours, but in minimally demanding conditions. When we look for the tickles, life drops to about 7/8 hours. To fully charge it (charging system included) it takes approximately two hours. But half an hour of charging is enough for two hours of demand. In these cases the temperature rises and is perceived, although it is not as noticeable or bothersome. Part of it thanks to the two fans that more than fulfill their function… perhaps with a little noise, yes.

Games? Yes, it responds very well, especially When we use the LG View+ screen, it is a joy, but it is not a specific team with a gamer profile. The keyboard is very good and, as with analog cameras, maintains the distinctive LG sound that is a hallmark. The backlight works more than adequately. The comfort of the touchpad should be highlighted, not only because of its size, but also because of its response. Often, if we are working, we can moisten our fingers, either with a drink or a fruit… In many laptops this almost disables the touchpad, but in this model we do not have to be so careful when it comes to avoiding “digital humidity.” : continues to respond as it should.


Its price is high, it is true. That said, if we are going to take advantage of it and need a sturdy but light laptop, powerful but with a good battery that will last more than a year, it is the best choice at this time.