Saturday's gadget: Lenovo Legion Go, a portable console that looks to the future

The portable section of the video game sector includes mobile phones with very specific screens, brightness and processors and consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch. They are two very different options in which battery, weight, resolution and power tilt the decision towards one side of the scale or another. And then it comes the Lenovo Legion Go and takes the options a little further.

The first thing that stands out is its size and weight. While the Switch barely exceeds six inches, the Lenovo Legion Go is close to nine. Of course, with a weight of 854 grams, almost double what the Japanese one weighs. Is this important? Taking into account that it has much more power, more battery (Only the controls have 900 mAh each and the battery reaches 49.2 Wh, just over 13,000 mAh), It's not that important. If we add to that that it doesn't feel so heavy in the hand, Lenovo has achieved an adequate balance.

If we add to that that we can remove the controls and leave the screen on any surface thanks to a very solid support, The grams, which had so much weight (forgive the redundancy) take second place. It is very ergonomic in its grip and in the distribution of its numerous buttons and controls. And to that he adds the “mouse”.

The Lenovo Legion Go allows you to remove the controls from the screen, like others, but in this case, in FPS games (acronym for First Person Shooter) has a stand/mouse: we position the control in this accessory and it is like a joystick with intuitive scrolling that moves across the screen. This has a flaw: it takes a few minutes to get used to it, but once we do it it is difficult to go back.

Using the controller for FPSLenovoLenovo

The materials, plastic and glass for the screen, convey solidity… and also the fingerprints, especially after playing for a while. And, taking advantage of the path of what could be improved: sound. It is very low and you have to depend on the bluetooth connection or the 3.5mm port to connect headphones. The coupling of the controls to the body is not bad at all, but it could be improved to achieve greater fluidity.

As for batteries, the demand is high. We are looking at a portable console with a lot of power, a high-brightness screen (one of the best in its sector) and a fan that prevents overheating. The positive side is that it has enough power, the negative side is that it needs a lot of juice and it is easy for the power to go out.To charge it we need, from 0 to 100, almost two hoursthe same (depending on the resolution mode and game demands) as we have battery life.

A detail that should be highlighted is that the case to protect the console (very good on the rigid exterior and adequate on the padded interior) is adapted to be charged even when the console is inside thanks to a small hole through which to insert the cable. It is a very comfortable option and, Like the aforementioned “mouse” for FPS, it should be an industry standard.

Interior details: touch screen with 144 Hz refresh rate and Gorilla Glass protection. The brightness is a bit fair, 500 nits of brightness. 16GB RAM, processor with four nanometer architecture and 512 GB storagebut which can be easily expanded with a microSD card.

Verdict: The only drawback that can be found is the price: 799 euros. In the other sections, power, screen, versatility and innovations, it is probably the best portable console of the moment.