Saturday’s gadget: Honor Magic V2, the foldable with the right questions

Although folding smartphones from Oppo, Samsung, Google, Motorola and even Honor itself are becoming more common (and better), the reality is that they are a matter of preference and use. In most cases, its main reason for existence is the screen, which is close to doubling in size. But is there something else? That is the precise question posed by the new device from the Chinese manufacturer Honor, the MagicV2. Let’s go in parts.

It is one of the thinnest folding devices on the market, just 10 mm, with a 6.42-inch screen and a 7.92-inch unfolded screen, both with an OLED name and very good nits figures (enough to not have problems at full speed). daylight thanks to the 2,500). It is not small in hand, although it is comfortable and aspires to the top of the range thanks to materials such as titanium and glass. Of course, the design The fold or wrinkle that is noticeable in the center of the screen could be improved unfolded and in straight frames. It must be said that the fold does not interfere with everyday tasks, but it is more noticeable than similar models from other brands.

The processor is the best of 2023, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2… But we are already in 2024 and in some aspects, for the most fanatical and demanding users (less than 1%) it may not be enough. It is not little thanks to its 16 GB of RAM and 512 of storage, it is not little if we take into account that there is no quantum leap between generation 2 and 3 of Snapdragon and, it is not little (finally) if we think that In general we do not use all the capacity of mobile phones. In short, it doesn’t hurt at all, it just surprises, like it arrives with Android 13 instead of the latest version of the operating system.

The battery has 5,000 mAh and a very interesting innovation: it is not the usual lithium-ion one with graphite anodes, but rather a Silicon-Carbon one that allows a greater amount of lithium ions to be stored in the same space. It has a very efficient 66W charger: 20 minutes to go from 0 to 50% and less than an hour to complete charging.

Photography… Here we are looking at a clear example of PMP: folding and megapixels. First, Foldables are not characterized by having notable cameras. None. They are solvent, reliable, but they are not for those who seek photography as a priority. As for the resolution, we have two 50 MP cameras, one 20 MP and two 16 MP cameras. Summary: they are good for folding phones, they are not the best for this type of phone. Not the worst either, but there are models, from different brands, with better photographic qualities.

On the positive side, interesting software options linked to the phone as a foldable device must be highlighted. The applications adapt according to the format we use, with the possibility of opening them in different windows and in floating mode if we have the device in 90º mode. Also notable is the ability to adapt the volume during calls according to the background noise of the environment.

We then arrive at the key moment, the price: €2000. Makes sense? In my personal opinion, there are few, almost none, folding phones that make sense, in general you are paying for a larger screen without improvements to the camera, with a similar battery, an identical processor and a much higher price. Perhaps it is different to contemplate the dilemma of the “deployable” ones, the clamshell type that takes up little space when folded and opens. If that We prioritize size, this option is more interesting. But in the current environment, paying 2000 euros for a mobile phone (any) that is not more powerful, nor does it have a better battery, or a better camera, just because of its screen size, perhaps it is better to buy an 800 euro smartphone and a tablet 300 euros and we have the best of both worlds… for half.

Verdict: The Honor Magic V2 answers the right questions: does a foldable smartphone make sense today? The reality is that not much, at least for now. And even less so at the price they currently display.