Recycling Music pays tribute to planet Earth to the rhythm of cans, sinks and forks

The social project The Music of Recyclinge has paid tribute to the Earth on International Earth Day, through a music video titled “Song to Mother Earth”, which vindicates harmony with nature.

Filmed in the natural area of Guadarrama National Parkthe young musicians who are part of this initiative, promoted by Ecoembesthey perform the melody “In the Grotto of the Mountain King”, by E. Grieg with an arrangement of Victor Gildirector of the La Música del Reciclaje orchestra, with the aim of remembering the importance of take care of the planet

He directorPrecisely, he declared that they use recycling “as inspiration and our recycled instruments are proof of this”, as well as he valued the role of the young people who are part of the project, since “they play a fundamental role in protecting our planet because the future belongs to the younger generations.”

The video also aims to create awareness on pollution problems, conservation of the biodiversity or global warming, among other environmental concerns that threaten ecosystems.

Specifically, the chosen musical work revolves around the mountain, a place where humans have found protection throughout history. The musical group plays this composition with recycled instruments made with cans, forks, sinks, cookie boxes or oil drums, among other waste, with the aim of sending the message of giving a second life to objects, in addition to their reuse and recycling.

Snow KingDirector of Communication and Marketing of Ecoembeshighlighted, for his part, the commitment of the more than 140 boys and girls who are part of this project, which in 2024 is in its tenth anniversary: ​​“these boys have a clear objective and that is to reach people's hearts by demonstrating that neither objects nor people are disposable”.

Finally, he detailed the aim from this video: “we want to send a message of hope because we still have time to restore the balance of the planet if we do our part and work together.”

Ten years of the initiative

The Music of Recycling was born in 2014 in the Community of Madrid, with the aim of creating a pedagogical and musical project aimed at minors from vulnerable environments. These young people, who face difficult situations, receive, thanks to this initiative, the opportunity to join an orchestra made up of recycled instruments. In this way, the project seeks to help young people learn that neither objects nor people are disposable.

Young Recycling Music Players Playing Instruments in a Natural LandscapeEcoembes

Likewise, this project also seeks to promote environmentally friendly values among the new generations. So much so, that this peculiar orchestra has 80 instruments made from recycled materials and integrates a green perspective into the musical and pedagogical training given to minors. In this sense, the carrying out of activities committed to the naturesuch as the “LIBERA 1M2 against garbage” project, another of its notable initiatives.

Today, they are more than 140 boys and girls those who have found a way to get ahead in music. In addition, since 2022 it will take place in other cities such as Valencia either Grenade.