Record temperatures and haze throughout Spain this weekend

This weekenda very warm air mass from North Africa will lead to very high temperatures for the time: 30 to 32 ºC in parts of the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. In addition, it will drag suspended dust, which will give rise to haze and worsen air quality, according to the forecast by the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

This Friday expected anticyclonic weather in most of the country, except in the northwest of the peninsula due to the fronts associated with Storm Olivia as well as an increase in temperatures. Half of Spain will be at least 25 degrees and even the thermometers will show more than 30 in some areas of the south of the peninsula. The day will be marked by the irruption of a tongue of Saharan dust in the southwest of the peninsula.

A system of fronts associated with the storm It will approach the extreme northwest of the peninsula, where cloudiness will increase. It will rain in Galicia and, with less probability, the Cantabrian Mountains. Precipitation will be more intense in western Galicia, where it may be locally strong or persistent, with a tendency to decrease throughout the day. It is also not ruled out that the tail of a front ends up leaving some weak precipitation at the end of the day in the northwest of the Canary Islands.

The temperatures will increase almost across the board for the fifth consecutive day, thus thermometers will reflect between 5 and 10 degrees more than normal in most of the country. The points in the country that will register the highest maximums will be Jaén, Murcia and Seville (with 30ºC), Granada (with 29ºC) and Badajoz, Córdoba and Santa Cruz de Tenerife (with 28ºC).

Haze will begin to enter the south of the peninsula, which could even reach the eastern Canary Islands. The concentration of particles will still be low during this day and will mainly be noticed in Andalusiaaccording to the prediction carried out by

On Saturday and Sunday, the haze will leave the orange and leaden skies in almost the entire peninsular territory and the Balearic Islands. In this sense, the meteorological portal warns about the possible effects on the health of people with respiratory problems. On Sunday, the haze will be noticeable mainly in Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura or Madrid.

On the other hand, a front will reach the northwest of the peninsula on Saturday and leave rains in Galicia, Asturias and northeast of Castilla y León. Given the the haze will continue, These rains could be accompanied by mud.

Thermometers will begin to drop in the western third of the Peninsula, but in the rest temperatures will continue to rise further. In the Balearic Islands it could be around 28 to 30ºwhile in large areas of the peninsula more than 25º will be reached and it will reach 30º in the Eastern Cantabrian Sea, Ebro Valleys and Guadalquivir.

He Sunday will continue to arrive in front of the peninsula, with rains and showers in the Cantabrian Sea, Navarra, La Rioja, a good part of Castilla y León and also in Extremadurawithout ruling out that they could reach the central zone as the fronts advance. On the contrary, it is not expected that the rainfall will reach the Mediterranean area and the Balearic Islands.

There will be a sharp drop in temperatures in the interior of the peninsulaalthough the thermometers will still rise more in the Levante area and the temperatures can still be exceeded 30º in points of eastern Aragon, interior of Catalonia, in the south of the Valencian Community, in the region of Murcia and in the Balearic Islands. Despite this decrease, in the rest of the country “spring” values ​​will be recorded, higher than 20ºC in many areas.

He Monday It is likely that the haze will retreat towards the east with the entry of a more active Atlantic front and the change of winds to a westerly component, although it could still be intense in Catalonia, the Valencian Community, Murcia, eastern Andalusia and the Balearic Islands.