QCentroid, the quantum computing startup for the creation of sustainable transformation solutions

The arrival of new technologies such as AI, IoT, cloud-computing, big data and more would generate a growing demand for processing capabilities. It is here where quantum computing would emerge as an answer, and therefore, companies like the startup, QCentroid. Those that take advantage of this technology to provide solutions above the capabilities of traditional computing.

Thus, pushing the limits of quantum computing, in order to accelerate the creation of new digital transformation solutions for companies. At the same time, they address increasingly complex challenges related to social or governance aspects. And they remain in line with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

The quantum computing revolution in 2024

That is how Quantum computing would become one of the trends most relevant technological technologies of 2024. Due to its ability to offer solutions to problems that even the most powerful supercomputer in the world would take years to solve. In this sense, addressing some of the most difficult technological challenges in the industry.

This is true, especially in Europe, where some leaders embrace the idea of ​​quantum computing to boost technological innovation in the region. Specifically in Spain, whose potential to become a “Quantum Nation” or leading power in solutions in this sector is undeniable. As stated by the leaders of the startup, QCentroid.

The startup QCentroid highlights the potential of quantum computing in the Spanish panorama

We talk about Carlos Kuchkovsky (CEO of QCentroid) and Antonio Peris (Cofounder of the Startup) who stand out the exceptional talent that exists within the country. All of them supported by cutting-edge physical equipment and Spanish leaders from prominent companies. Hence, they have a good opportunity to position themselves among the five main powers in quantum computing worldwide.

Both attribute this progress to centers such as Quantum Spain, CUCO, AMETIC, institutions such as the CSIC and, of course, Tecnalia. The latter playing a fundamental role in establishing vital agreements with the startup. In this way, allowing them to take advantage of all their experience in the field, combined with QCentroid's resources and services to achieve more efficient solutions.

The same way agreements with important clients stand out such as Mahou-San Miguel, Cepsa and Moody's Analytics. The latter is responsible for QFStudio, a solution that allows the QCentroid platform to run, compare and distribute quantum algorithms to end clients. This with the aim of providing much more efficient and accessible solutions.

High expectations from QCentroid for 2024

The startup toohas high expectations for 2024 and is looking to expand agreements with various climate technology companies, helping them achieve new goals through quantum computing. At the same time, they are committed to maintaining their focus on sustainability, being important trends that are emerging in the industry for this year.

This is according to Pilar Troncoso (Qcentroid Advisor), who assures that The company will focus on these and other fundamental aspects. One of them is the expansion of their internal departments, for which they will establish a “talent team” made up of engineers, business development managers and doctors specialized in quantum.

QCentroid seeks to exploit the potential of quantum computing

In addition, they continue to establish collaborations with more partners, both nationally and internationally, including quantum computing companies and others specialized in algorithms. With the aim of expanding the reach of its platform and its new developments, allowing an increasing number of clients to access them.

This is how the startup QCentroid seeks Fully harness the potential of quantum computingin Spain.So that more companies overcome business and operational obstacles. As well as to address growing regulations related to safety, sustainability, social and governance. Hence, they maintain high expectations for 2024, seeking to promote the adoption of quantum technologies in more and more industry segments.