Poco F6 Pro, a “half-way” mobile: between the features of a high-end and the much lower price

For a few years now, Xiaomi has made a clear commitment to its “flagships”: high-end, high-quality mobile phones, with the most advanced processors and a merger with Leica that has made them clear contenders for the photographic throne. Meanwhile, its POCO phones aim at a sector that seeks to spend less by relegating as little as possible. And, in this section, POCOs do not respond to their name, rather to their antonym.

An example of this is the POCO M 6 Pro or the C65, mid-range phones with some interesting surprises. Like the one presented this week: the F6 Pro. Available in two colors (black and white), both are inspired by the Moon. First on its shiny face and the second (by patterns and tones) on the regoliths of its surface. If we add to that the straight sides, a protruding camera module and a 6.67-inch screen, we have a device that captures attention. But we go inside, in depth.

First thing: its brain is a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. This is the processor that the most expensive mobile phones had (Android, obviously) last year. If we add to that a 16 GB RAM memory and a storage that reaches 1 TB, we are guaranteed that it will go on velvet wheels, very smooth and without jumps. The native software accompanies all this, further facilitating the idea that, two years ago, it would be a high-end device.

The screen, an AMOLED WQHD+, reaches peak brightness of 4000 nits, but only in some parts. Still, she shines because of her presence. Its refresh rate is 120 Hz, it is not the 140 of the top of the range, but the reality is that, except in very specific games and with precise connectivity conditions, it is barely noticeable.

Materials? Chemically, we are dealing with plastic, but in The visual and tactile appearance looks like glass and metal, the same one that covers the camera module and the bezels. Clearly, the difference with the previous generation is noticeable. In all sections. Less in price: the F5 Pro went on sale for €579 and this one does it at the same price, only there is a promotion until the end of the month and It is possible to buy it for €499.

Design tip: the phone comes with a case, but it is very basic and detracts from the distinctive design of the device, therefore, you should buy one that protects it without hiding it. And keep in mind that the camera module takes up a lot of space and it is easy to find it when supporting it: it needs protection.

In the drums section, you saw a beast of 5,000 mAh with included 120 W charger: Goes from 0 to 100 in less than 20 minutes. With 10 minutes we have more than five hours of use.

The only thing missing is the cameras. The POCO F6 Pro has a front with 16 MP resolution and three lenses on the rear: 50 MP, 2 MP (macro) and 8 MP. If almost all the previous specifications equated it with a high-end 2022, the cameras do not meet that standard. They are good, yes, but Xiaomi has opted for the best cameras in its “flagships” and not so much here. If photography is essential and is the factor that weighs the most in a mobile phone, there are other alternatives for a lower price (read Pixel 7, for example). We will not have the same power, screen or battery, but if we choose the camera, that is the price.

Bottom line: except for the cameras, it is a mid-range smartphone that has been dressed, inside and out, as high-end.