Orange suffers a drop in internet service throughout Spain

On Wednesday afternoon, Orange suffered a internet service drop which is affecting its customers throughout Spain, as confirmed by the mobile phone company through its social networks.

“We are working so that the service is restored as soon as possible,” said Orange, which then has stated that the problem is now resolved for some customerswaiting to recover the rest “shortly.”

The incident was detected by Orange on Wednesday afternoon, although they have not clarified what type of technical situation it would be, but have only explained that it is “generalized” and that it has been found quickly. Several users of the company have begun to complain through their social networks, reports Ep.

“We are working to solve it as soon as possible,” they responded from Orange.

Through its account in X, the company has explained that its account in the IP network coordination center (RIPE) “has suffered improper access which has affected the navigation of some of our customers.” He also assures that the service is practically restored