OpenAI introduces Sora, an AI tool that creates instant videos from written instructions

San Francisco — The company that created ChatGPT On Thursday he presented his next jump to the artificial intelligence generative: a tool that instantly creates short videos in response to written commands.

Sora, OpenAI's new text-based video generator, is not the first of its kind. GoogleMeta and Runway ML are other companies that have presented similar technologies.

But the high quality of the videos shown by OpenAI — some of them created after its CEO, Sam Altman, asked social media users to submit ideas for written scripts — astonished observers and also raised fears about its capabilities. ethical and social implications.

An independent photographer based in N.H. suggested in X “a cooking session led by an influencer grandmother who teaches how to prepare homemade gnocchi in a rustic rural Tuscan kitchen with cinematic lighting”. Altman responded shortly after with a realistic video depicting what the tip described.