Neuralink's first patient demonstrates that he is able to play Mario Kart with his mind

Since his intervention, Noland Arbaugh, Neuralink's first patient, has shown amazing progress. Recently, he captivated the audience by playing games of chess and now, he has gone further, dazzling the control an action game like Mario Kart without having to touch a single button.

The video of the event shows Noland's evolution from the first days after the procedure to his amazing ability to compete on equal terms with other players, performing maneuvers and throwing objects within the game with pure mental concentration.

While Neuralink has faced criticism in the past for its primate testing, current advances underscore the potential of this technology to improve people's quality of life with motor disabilities. Noland's ability to actively participate in recreational activities such as video games offers a hopeful vision for the future of neurotechnology.

This achievement not only opens new doors in the field of accessibility and rehabilitation, but also sparks the imagination about the possible future applications of brain implants in various areas of daily life.