Natural Resources rejects the agricultural use of sargassum in new management plan

He Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DRNA) ruled out the reuse of sargasso for agricultural purposes or “that relate to actions that culminate in products for human consumption,” such as compostingin its final protocol for handling extreme accumulations of this brown macroalgae on the coasts of Puerto Rico.

The agency made the decision based on studies from other countries, which have detected the presence of heavy metalssuch as arsenic and cadmium, in vegetables grown in soils enriched with sargassum.

“The uses that we are contemplating right now, in terms of collaboration, are industrial uses or sargassum as raw material for another type of use. What we are not promoting are consumer uses, agriculture or livestock feed, compost, etc.he explained Ricardo Colon Riveratechnical advisor to the Bureau of Protected Natural Areas of the DNER.

According to the management plan, if the material needs to be accumulated before disposal or use, it must be on an impermeable surface or a plastic cover must be placed to protect the soil from leachates – liquids formed by waste.