MWC24: Google announces 9 productivity features on Android and Wear OS: Gemini, Lens, Maps, Spotify…

Google has taken advantage of the Mobile World Congress which is being held in Barcelona to announce a series of new features in its operating systems Android and Wear OS. These are 9 functions focused on productivity and that affect applications such as Messages, Android Auto, Maps, Lens and Spotify, among other. We review the news.

Gemini: Chat with AI from Messages

Google's new AI, Geminiwill be available through the application Messages on Android. That is, the user will be able to chat with her from the app without having to use the browser or subscribe to a payment plan. Google One which includes access to the most advanced AI model, Ultra.

Google has not specified which of the three versions of Gemini the user will be chatting with and it is necessary, for the moment, to be signed in to the testing program to access this feature which is initially available only in English and in “certain markets”.

Android Auto: stay in touch without taking your eyes off the road

Android Auto uses AI to summarize long texts or chat groups with many messages automatically while you drive. It also suggests relevant responses and actions, so with a single tap you can send a message, share your estimated time of arrival, or start a phone call.

Lookout: Listen to AI-generated image descriptions

Image descriptions of Lookout (accessibility app for the blind) for Android, are texts autogenerated by AI that offer information about the content of photographs, images that appear when browsing the Internet and images included in messages. This feature has been designed in collaboration with blind groups and is being implemented in English around the world.

Google Maps/Lens: explore what surrounds you and receive more accessible information about each place

Google has improved screen reader compatibility Lens in Maps to make it easier to explore your surroundings and identify places such as ATMs, restaurants or public transport stations. You just have to point your phone's camera at what's around you and TalkBack will read aloud information of interest, such as the opening hours of an establishment, its rating or directions to get there.

Google Docs: write by hand on Android

With the markers Google Docsnow they can be done handwritten notes in documents from your Android phone or tablets, with a finger or using a stylus. You can choose between different tools; for example, different colors and markers. This will make it easier, faster and more flexible to review documents and make comments.

Spotify: listen to music without interruptions with the new broadcast controls

On the Android home screen there was already a broadcast selector that allows you to easily switch from one device to another when listening to YouTube Music: from your phone speaker to headphones, smart speakers, or TV. Now you can do the same with Spotify. When Spotify content is playing, the stream selector will show the devices linked to it. Spotify Connect.

Fitbit/Health Connect: See your health, wellness and fitness data in one place

Now you can have a more complete snapshot of your health status by consulting the application fitbit through Health Connectwith aggregated data from your wearables and applications like AllTrails, Oura Ring and MyFitnessPal. Just go to the Fitbit app on your Android phone, open the You and you'll be able to see data from connected apps, apart from your data on Fitbit. And, in the tab Todayyou will be able to see information from applications compatible with Health Connect, such as exercise performed, number of steps, calories burned, the number of floors you have climbed or the distance you have traveled.

Google Wallet: Access tickets, membership cards and other documents directly from your smartwatch

The compatibility between Google Wallet and the clocks Wear OS Allows you to access boarding passes, show tickets, gym membership cards, store loyalty cards and much more from your smartwatch. In addition, you choose which documents you are interested in showing or hiding, so that you always have them at hand when you need them.

Wear OS: Directions for using public transportation… on your smartwatch

Leave your phone in your pocket and use public transportation directions Google Maps for Wear OS. You will have the necessary instructions to take the bus or train on your wrist. You can check departure times directly from your smartwatch and also see navigation directions to the destination, with a compass. If you've checked your phone before, you can always send directions to your smartwatch and move hands-free.