MWC24: Energizer Hard Case P28K, the phone with the most battery in the world lasts a week and costs $249

If there is a universal demand among smartphone users, it is that of batteries with greater capacity that make them less dependent on the charger. Yes, fast charging is very practical and has improved a lot in recent years, in addition to being extended to most mobile phones, but much better is not having to charge it or do it only once a week.

That is the proposal of Avenir Telecoma French manufacturer that has an agreement with Energizer to release smartphones under the name of the popular battery brand, always with the emphasis on battery capacity and its duration in operation. The company has announced within the framework of the Mobile World Congress a new model resulting from this collaboration that far exceeds the 18,000 mAh of which they released in 2019, the Energizer Power Max P18K Pop.

His successor, Energizer Hard Case P28Khas the highest capacity battery that has been seen so far in a mobile phone: 28,000 mAh. With it, the device lasts one week making regular use of it and in stand-by (on, but not in use and with the screen off) up to 94 days, a little more than three months. Using it only as a phone, without the smart part, it promises 122 hours talking, a little more than 5 days. Avenir claims that it can be fully charged in an hour and a half using a charger. 36W.

As good as this sounds, it must be taken into account that it is a high-capacity battery and, therefore, large in size. Energizer Hard Case P28K has a thickness of 2.7 cm and its weight is 570 grams; It is not exactly comfortable but here what you are looking for is something else. It triples the weight and thickness of an iPhone 15, but also multiplies its battery capacity by 8.

The Avenir Telecom device will have a quite affordable price of $249, but it has low-mid-range specifications. Assemble an SoC MT6789 from MediaTek, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of storage space, a triple camera system on the rear (60 MP / 20 MP / 2MP) and an IPS LCD screen of 6.78 inches and resolution 1,080 x 2,460 pixels. As an operating system, Android 14.

As the name suggests, it is a rugged mobile phone. That is, a device designed with resistance in mind and to be used in difficult conditions. Has certification IP69 which protects it against dust and liquids and allows its use under extreme temperatures.

Avenir Telecom will launch the Energizer Hard Case P28K in Europe next October.