MIO One and Silbö Telecom revolutionize the 'teleco' market with AI

“In this highly competitive environment, we realized the need to apply business intelligence, extraordinarily optimized by the innovative use of Artificial Intelligence, which has allowed us to make the best decisions,” explains Fernando Lázaro, Director of Creative Services. of MIO Onemarketing and business consultant within the ecosystem of MIO Groupthe company that has accompanied the Silbö Telecom team in creating the project from scratch.

Thus, the Group has been in charge of designing the brand since its birth, through the development of the naming, its image, recruitment in online and offline media, design of the technological platform and development of the operator's website, among many other elements. of the Bell.

The analysis of data and information provided by AI has been extremely useful in the development of Silbö Telecom's comprehensive marketing strategy. Thus, the brand was born driven by this technology thanks to the creation of adhoc tools, such as Silbö GPT, a marketing assistant trained by and for the brand itself and its products, which is capable of generating content and digital campaigns in a matter of minutes and completely on-board. With a combination of different AI applications, this tool is allowing them to generate, in less than a minute and a half, a text or an image and, in just five, a complete campaign.

To execute this comprehensive strategy, MIO One has involved its different business divisions: Strategy, Creation and Activation. Thus, Silbö Telecom has had the appropriate professionals at each stage, through the specialist companies that are part of the Group such as Signature -expert in brand building and identity creation- or SuperReal -specialized in Web3, Generative Artificial Intelligence and spatial computing-. “For us it has been very important to have them for their multidisciplinary vision but always having a single interlocutor,” says Gorka, who highlights that “when you start a project it is not convenient for you to have many disaggregated suppliers for the development of a 360º marketing strategy. “Having everything centralized in such an expert company has made a difference,” he adds.

“This hybrid model, in which human talent and technology go hand in hand, serves to raise the creative level and ability to surprise the consumer”Fernando Lázaro, Director of Creative Services at MIO One

AI has come to business to help us be much faster and more efficient. Lázaro explains that at “MIO One we understand technology as a means, not as an end.” They are clear that innovation does not replace people, but what it offers is greater speed so that, if 80% of a project can be generated with AI – whether it is a marketing campaign or any other proposal -, that talent of the teams can contribute to finishing it in a time that, until now, was unthinkable. “At Silbö Telecom they have always shown us their passion and innovative spirit, which is why they have followed us in this adventure from minute one,” adds the Director of Creative Services at MIO One.

Almost six months of joint work between the brand and the marketing and business consultancy that has just seen the light of day and that still has many new things to present to the market. A project that, says Fernando Lázaro, has allowed them to experiment with all types of supports and visual expressions to continue exploring new territories and new applications.

Silbö Telecom, just over a month after its launch, has been the second operator to lead the ranking of net portability in the sector in Spain, according to data from the AOPM (Spanish Association of Mobile Operators) for the month of April.

Despite this excellent start, Gorka Auñón recognizes that they have a long way to go. “We are very ambitious and we like to look forward. There is no second chance to create a brand, so when you launch it, having a solid foundation was practically an obsession for me.” A challenge that MIO One took on, and that was able to come up with a name that met the premises of a new mobile operator that has arrived on the market with a fresh and modern image in a very demanding sector.