Meet Tong Tong, the girl developed with artificial intelligence who has “emotions”

In 2024, the first girl developed with artificial intelligence (AI) called Tong Tong. The announcement was made at the 'Frontiers of General Artificial Intelligence' technology exhibition in Beijing, Chinawhere it was explained that, according to its creators, the robot has the emotional intelligence and behavior of a three or four year old child.

This robot was developed by the Beijing Institute of General Artificial Intelligence (BIGAI). According to researchers, Tong Tong (a word that means 'girl' in Spanish) has the ability to continually improve her skills, knowledge and values.

The South China Morning Post reported that the girl created with Artificial Intelligence can learn on her own, assign herself tasks, interpret human intentions and, unlike typical large language models (LLM), show emotions such as joy, anger and sorrow .

It should be noted that LLM is a technology that has a deep learning model with large amounts of data, that is, the tools are capable of training without supervision. Having the ability to understand grammar, languages ​​and basic knowledge based on their constant interaction, such as AI chatbots from ChatGPT or Bard from Google.