Marlaska classifies the murders of two civil guards in Barbate as an “official secret” so as not to give explanations

The murder of two civil guards in Barbate continues to be the subject of controversy due to the lack of transparency of the Executive of Pedro Sanchez and his Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, who refuses to give explanations. It must be remembered that the PP imposed a strict mark on the head of the Interior, registering all kinds of initiatives to investigate the facts and bring to light his “disastrous management.” An offensive launched in both the Senate and the Congress of Deputies and that now hits a new obstacle: Information about the tragedy is “secret.”

On February 12, several PP deputies, with Ana Vazquez at the head, presented in the Lower House a request for data, reports and documents in which they demanded a “copy of all documents and notifications of the Subdelegation of the Government of Cádiz with the Civil Guard on the device that acted on Friday, February 9, in Barbate, as well as the following three days.” An initiative that was added to a battery of more than forty questions in both chambers and to the request for the appearance of the director of the Civil Guard, Leonardo Marcos Gonzálezand the subdelegate of the Government in Cádiz, Blanca del Pilar Flores Cueto.

Well, this strategy of harassment and demolition has hit a new wall. The ministry led by Grande-Marlaska has taken more than forty days to express itself and has limited itself to saying that “what was requested is affected by the regulation regarding official secrets“. Likewise, it points out that certain issues and matters, including “command, control and communications systemshave the classification of “SECRET” (in capital letters, as it appears in the response letter).

Marlaska's “no” response

Needless to say, this response, which came late and poorly, did not please the popular ones at all. So much so that representative Ana Vázquez describes it as “tremendous” that Marlaska resorts to the “secret” trick to not give information about the Barbate tragedy and, specifically, about the communications of the Government subdelegate in Cádiz with the Civil Guard.

And although on this occasion the Interior uses a “trick” to not provide information about the tragedy, in the case of the 24 written questions presented by the PP deputies in the Lower House, the Executive's response refers, without further ado, to “what was stated by the Minister of the Interior before the Plenary Session of the Congress of Deputies, held on February 21.”

Grande-Marlaska's refusal to give explanations leaves unanswered most of the questions formulated in writing by the opposition, among them, whether the Government was aware of the Prosecutor's Office report that warned of a decrease in drug seizures in the province of Cádiz. in the wake of the disappearance of the elite unit of the Civil Guard “OCON Sur”. In this sense, they demanded to know “if this decision was used as a bargaining chip by the Government of Spain for Morocco to collaborate more actively in the management of the migratory flow in the waters of the Strait.”

Another package of questions was intended to know if the Government gave “any instruction, order, circular, recommendation“to the men and women of the Civil Guard so that They will not participate in tributes and acts of solidarity summoned after the murder of the two agents.