“Madrid countries”: this is what the map of Spain would look like if all the regions were from Madrid

Are seventeen Autonomous Communities that are in Spain, to which we must add Ceuta and Melilla, two autonomous cities. Between them, they form fifty-two provinces and more than 8,000 municipalities, after a constitution of the territory organized more than 190 years ago and which has been undergoing modifications in recent years. The capital, for almost five centuries, continues to be Madrid, the engine of the Spanish economy. Based on its importance, a story has gone viral on social networks. “madridcentrista” map which reflects what our country would be like if all the regions were from Madrid.

Today, each region or province has its own style, its way of life and its customs, its traditions and almost its culture. Furthermore, in some cases, also their own language. They all stand out for some quality regardless of whether they are located in the north or south of the Peninsula.

A recent survey carried out by the portal “Electromanía” defined which was the “least loved” Autonomous Community of Spain by the Spaniards themselves, prepared based on a series of questions asked of 1,600 people. In them, each community had to be rated from 1 (unpopular) to 10 (popular), in such a way that a classification would be made to know the most loved, and therefore, the most hated. According to the test, they were Ceuta, Melilla and the Region of Murcia, respectively.

Spain seen from Madrid: the map of “Madridcentrism” that reflects what our country would be like with Madrid provinces

A reflection that among the Spanish there is always that “healthy bite” between regions of those who defend their community, province or city. Thus, there are those who accuse Madrid of being “the center of the nation”, although it is literally in the middle of the entire country and most of the employment, events or other situations take place in the capital.

On X, formerly Twitter, the account @NoSoylaGente published a map on the occasion of San Isidro Day in which it renamed each region with a name that reflects the stereotype associated with her from the perspective of Madrid residents. A humorous graphic that jokes about the hypothetical way that people from Madrid would refer to different autonomous communities in Spain.

For example, Castilla-La Mancha would be “New Madrid”, Valencia and Murcia would be recognized as “Madrid Beaches” or the Canary Islands would be “Madrid Islands”, while the Balearic Islands would be “Madrid Islands rented to Germany”.

  • Andalusia – Madrid playground
  • Aragon – Madrid swamp
  • Asturias – Madrid cider house
  • Cantabria – Madrid Dairy
  • Castilla la Mancha – New Madrid
  • Castile and León – Old Madrid
  • Catalonia – Madrid Treasury
  • Valencian Community – Madrid beach
  • Extremadura – Madrid delicatessen
  • Galicia – Madrid seafood restaurant
  • Canary Islands – Madrid Islands
  • Balearic Islands – Madrid islands rented to Germany
  • The Rioja – Madrid wine shop
  • Navarre – Madrid University Area
  • Basque Country – Madrid Police Station
  • Murcia Region – Madrid beach