Lost Ark Chaotic Resurgence: Everything you need to know about the May update

Pay attention, because since Amazon Games have confirmed that it arrives at 'Lost Ark'the new update'Chaotic resurgence“, a package with more threats and exploration opportunities. This new revision for the videogame Includes Thaemine's Epilogue, A Guardian Assault Ordeal, Stories in the Music Box of Memories II, Cruel Toy Castle Adventure Island, and the Magickal Enchanter Store Collection.

The featured content of this May update is as follows:

Guardian Assault Test – Hanumatan– You must stop Hanumatan before his anger destroys Arkesia. This new assault test of guardians provides the opportunity to achieve this quickly and accurately.

Thaemine Epilogue: If you have passed Thaemine's hard mode you will be able to access a new story and enjoy the epilogue of the commander of the Legion of Darkness. In fact, the quest “The Shadow of the Moon” can be obtained through Knight Oscar in Lutheranian Castle, but don't forget to pay him a visit to find out what has happened to Thaemine after her recent assault on Arkesia. Requirements: Complete Thaemine Raid Gate 4 on Hard Mode once. Voldis World Quest: Adento's Legacy and Thaemine's Prologue Quest: The Red Mist After Sunset.

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Memories Music Box II– The Box of Memories now brings six new stories to tackle. Each story is different and focuses on the lives of some of the day-to-day citizens of Arkesia

New Adventure Island – Cruel Toy Castle Island: A new Adventure Island known as “Cruel toy castle island” in the seas of southern Shushire. Remember, you can access it with the Procyon Compass and, when you disembark, You will find a disturbing paper that will send you on a curious mission.

Magickal Enchanter Collection– New Western cosmetic items are offered that evoke the anime of the 80s and 90s, where magical girls and boys went to school during the day and turned into magical beings at night.


Chaos Assault– The first part of Kurzan's prelude event, Chaos Assault, is coming this May. Here you will have to head to Mount Zagoras, where Chaos has settled, and defeat hordes of enemies in distorted chaos rifts that will open on that mountain. There is a special delete flag for the event that increases as more enemies are defeated, and restarts daily at 10 a.m. server time. Defeating enemies or filling the kill gauge earns special powders that can be exchanged for special rewards in the event store. Additionally, you can get a new special drop called Hopeful Ember. The difficulty of the course varies depending on the item level of the character you have, but the same rewards are distributed regardless of the item level.

Acceleration to final content: Since the pace of content in the West is faster, the developer has chosen to offer additional materials to players in the final content to prepare them for both Thaemine and the upcoming Kazeros assault on Echidna. This event is structured to reward transcendence materials and additional elixirs to players who overcome doors in the Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon and the Thaemine Horde Raid, as well as gold that you can use to progress.