“Limited” the new law to promote plant recycling and composting in schools

Faced with the historic challenge of managing Solid waste that are generated in Puerto Rico, the recently approved “Law to promote recycling vegetable and composting in schools” (Law 15-2024) falls short and does not go to the core of the problem, which – of course – sows doubts about the effectiveness of its implementation, agreed experts consulted by The new day.

Specifically, the law – signed by the governor Pedro Pierluisi on January 10 – orders the Education deparment establish guides and protocols to develop plant recycling and composting initiatives in schools that offer the agricultural education program. Also, it contemplates that the agency will coordinate the sales of the products generated.

The law came into force immediately after its approval, and gives Education 120 days to develop the guides that will govern the plant recycling and composting project.

As a first reaction, environmental engineering Ingrid Vila Biaggi He questioned why the statute limits the participating schools, since it establishes that the plant recycling and composting initiative will only be established in schools that already have the agricultural education program.