“Life is within the corals”: ​​Puerto Rican girls sail with veteran reef defenders

“Within the corals There is life, marine life,” he said. Diana Cuetoof 14 years.

“If we do not (raise awareness) from now on, in 10 years we will not have the corals, our beaches or the mangroves, which are what help us remain safe in the event of any natural disaster,” he added. Patricia Isabel Diana González13.

Their expressions reflect what was experienced during a recent meeting of girls and adolescents with Carmen Gloria CantorPuerto Rican co-director of Federal Coral Reef Working Groupand Antares Ramos Alvarezexecutive director of Sail for Reefs, to share scientific knowledge and empowering experiences. A picturesque horizon with small sailboats waiting to set sail on the shore of the Carolina resort welcomed the group.