League of Nations / Did you remember Rubiales?: Ceferin's two kisses to Aitana that ended in a cobra

Spain has once again made history and demolished walls that seemed impossible just a few months ago. They did it in August in the World Cup, on and off the field, and in less than a week they qualified for the Games and won the Nations League. La Roja added the second title in its history after the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand of 2023, thanks to the goals of the Ballon d'Or winner Aitana Bonmatí (32) and Mariona Caldentey (53).

Encouraged by the qualification for the Paris Olympic Games, which they achieved on Friday after earning their ticket to the final of this tournament, La Roja also ended the curse that followed them against the French team, which they had never managed to beat in their 13 previous matches.

However, Although all of them – especially Jenni Hermoso – claim to have turned the page, Rubiales' shadow was very present in the victory and especially in the awards ceremony. Nobody forgets that inappropriate kiss from the former president of the RFEF to the Madrid player and its subsequent consequences. And that is what happened to Aleksander Ceferin.

Before each player collected the Gold medal that accredits them as champions of the Nations League and that captain Irene Paredes lifted the trophy, Aitana Bonmatí received the award that distinguished her as the most valuable player in the final.

The person in charge of presenting her with the trophy was the president of UEFA, Aleksander Ceferin, who received the player, a Barça midfielder, with enthusiasm. So much so that she almost emulates the former president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales with the famous “piquito” that unleashed a worldwide controversy.

Ceferin threatened to give Aitana two kisses on both cheeks. The UEFA president stopped and everything remained in a distanced hug, while he addressed him a few words of congratulations. The memory of everything that happened in the final of the last World Cup in Australia and New Zealand must have passed through Ceferin's head and the gesture turned into a cobra.

The discomfort of the moment did not go unnoticed by social networks and has gone around the world.

“He made a fool of him. Bravo Ceferin..”, “How disgusting I am about women's football” or “He seemed very comfortable giving Messi two kisses in the World Cup final”, These are some of the comments that have quickly flooded social networks.