Lance Stroll's tremendous stab at Fernando Alonso: “They say he's good but…”

Comparisons between Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll are a constant after each race. The relationship between both drivers and their management by the team He has been in the spotlight since the Spaniard signed for Silverstone. The Asturian's first year in the green team was one of the biggest hits of the season, but the team admits that the beginnings were not easy. Speaking exclusively to Motorsport, Mike Krack revealed what Aston Martin's mentality was when it came to dealing with the drivers, Krack said: “We have a particular situation, obviously, because one of the pilots is the son of the owner and the other is an experienced mature pilot. So you have to think: what is the dynamic and how is it going to evolve?”

“When Fernando joined us, Many people warned us that it could be difficult, so we tried to prepare. We had to think about what our approach was – and not just me, but also the sporting director and the performance director – and how we were going to manage the media. But we had to be aware that both Fernando and Lance had always known each other, since the days of Ferrari. So when it started, we took the approach that we have to be open, honest and transparent with both of them at all times,” he added.

The eternal comparison

However, suspicions of favoritism towards Alonso with a better car by Lance or the debate about the performance of both pilots have been constant generating some friction within the team.

The 25-year-old pilot from Montreal has returned to his hometown for the Canadian Grand Prix and he has been blunt about the eternal comparison with Fernando Alonso. Last season, Alonso placed fourth in 2023 with 206 points to Stroll's 74, which were good for a career-best 10th place. A gap that Stroll attributes to “unfortunate circumstances” such as an engine failure in Saudi Arabia. However, this year things are different and the Canadian does not hide his anger at not feeling valued. He highlights that he and Alonso are tied 4-4 in the standings, with Stroll edging out his teammate over the last three race weekends.

“Take it however you want…”

“He is a two-time world champion and people see him as one of the best drivers in Formula One.and they are four-four in the classification”Stroll said. “The points are a little misleading because sometimes a driver can have an engine failure… that sometimes differentiates the points at the end of the season.”

“I look at my last few weekends and I think they have been strong,” he added. “When I look at the pace right now and the speed, like I said, 4-4 in qualifying. “People say he's super good and I beat him the last few weekends, so take that as you will,” she said.