Kunitsu-Gami – Path of the Goddess: these are the steps to access its free demo

The upper echelons of Capcom have released a free demo of ‘Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess‘, the project of the Japanese company that combines elements of action and strategy applying it to a captivating Japanese-inspired setting that will be published in Xbox Series X|SXbox One, Windows, PlayStation and PC via Steam. To celebrate the release of the demo, the videogame will feature a special collaboration with ‘Okami‘, the 2006 action-adventure classic, featuring weapons and suits, plus a special collaboration soundtrack.

Collaboration event

As an added incentive, since the video game takes as its central axis the collaboration with the villagers you rescue, if players collaborate to accumulate billion crystals and find 15 of the hidden lucky decksthe collaboration objects of ‘Okami’ will be included as a free update of the title at launch for all who purchase a copy of the game, which features Japanese-inspired mythical elements and visually powerful gameplay, in which we will take control of Soh to make strategic decisions and use ritual actions with the dancing sword to protect the maiden Yoshiro and return peace to the villages of Mount Kafuku.

Real-time decision making

Using a day/night cycle and creatively blending multiple genres from action-adventure to real-time strategy to tower defense, the title promises to test players’ strategic and decision-making skills. During the day, they’ll explore the village, purify “defiled” villagers, assign them various roles, and choose where to place them to best protect Maiden Yoshiro. During the night, the Seethe emerge to attack the mountain. Upgrade villagers’ roles to gain more support and give orders to the villagers as you fight alongside them to defeat the enemy and purify each village. Luckily, when the strategy doesn’t work out right, you’re free to reset the upgrades and distribute them to other roles, and even upgrade our protagonist with new attacks and skills to define his strategies however you like.


“Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess is a unique Japanese-inspired Kagura-style action-strategy single-player title. The game takes place on a mountain shrouded in corruption. By day, you must purify the villages and prepare for the setting sun. By night, your mission is to protect the priestess from hordes of arreptitious. Repeat the cycle of day and night until you manage to rid the mountain of corruption and return peace to the land,” reads its synopsis.

First revealed in June last year, it will premiere on the same day of its release in Game Passas well as on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and Windows on July 19, 2024. The free demo version can be downloaded from the respective stores of the target consoles and from Steam for PC. Simply type the name of the game into the search engine and download the client. Once installed, you will have everything you need to try the title out early.