Konami announces a compilation that recovers the classic Felix the Cat video games

The developer Limited Run Games and the Japanese editor Konami have revealed the arrival in stores – both digital and physical – of a collection that brings together the two classic titles of ‘Felix the Cat‘, the animated character from the silent film era known in Spain as ‘Felix the Cat‘. Produced thanks to a collaboration agreement with Universal Games and Digital Platformsvideo games will be adapted using technology from Carbon Enginea development tool that allows you to move legacy content to modern platforms with extreme robustness.

Retouched classics

This ‘Felix the Cat’ compilation includes the game for NES and the one that was published a year later for the iconic game boy. As for the format, despite maintaining the classic graphics, some current resources will be applied to both programs, such as the possibility of creating save files that will be complemented by several error corrections present in the original.

As specified by the developer itself: “Felix The Cat is a collection of platform/action games in which players will help Felix save his girlfriend from an evil professor.” Within the project in question, which will soon arrive PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch“players will navigate pixelated 2D environments using gadgets and vehicles (for example, a boxing glove, a tank, or a submarine) to defeat small cartoon creatures.”

Several versions, the same cat

Konami, which will be in charge of the digital launch of the games starring the beloved silent character, has not yet revealed release dates, but instead it is confirmed that the standard physical version for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 will be published with a reversible cover and new illustrations created by artists such as Jonathan Kim and Mariel Cartwright.

A more complete configuration that they have called “Classic” of the games starring Felix the Cat will also be marketed. The delivery, in addition to including all the content of the basic edition, adds to the package the official soundtrack, a poster and a box that emulates the way in which NES cartridges were sold. Limited Run Games will also produce a series of special merchandise based on the games including a t-shirt and keychain featuring the 8-bit version of the character. To top it all off, lovers of the character will be able to get a collectible card game that represents several screenshots of the titles included in the collection.