Keys to the calendar of the 2024 European elections in Spain: from the vote on June 9 to the constitution of the European Parliament on July 16

2024 is being a very busy electoral year in Spain. After the regional elections in Galicia, Basque Country and Catalonianow It's the turn of the European elections. Thus, less than a year after the Spaniards elected their representatives in the Spanish Parliament after the general elections of 23Jthe time has come for Spain to choose the deputies who will represent the country in the European Parliament.

The European elections will take place from June 6 to 9, 2024 in the different parts of the European Union. For its part, in Spain they will take place next Sunday, June 9when more than 45 million Spaniards who are called to the polls will have to go to vote elections held every five years.

Key dates of the 2024 European elections in Spain

The 720 MEPs who will form the European Parliament starting next June 9 will represent almost 450 million Europeans residing in the territory over the next five years. In this way, these are the Key dates Looking ahead to the elections:

  • May 24: Start of the electoral campaign.
  • May 30: Deadline to request a vote by mail in Spain.
  • June 6th: Last day to cast your vote by mail in Spain.
  • June 7th: End of the electoral campaign in Spain.
  • 8 of June: Reflection journey.
  • June 9: In-person voting day in Spain.
  • June 29: Last day to proclaim the final results.

Key dates of the 2024 European elections in the European Union

In addition to the above, all Member countries have common deadlines for voting and submitting candidatures.. So, these are the most important dates:

  • may 23: debate in the European Parliament between the main candidates proposed by the European parliamentary groups to achieve the presidency of the European Commission.
  • June 6th: The European elections begin in some countries of the Union.
  • June 9: Last day for the European elections to be held in the Member States.

Key dates in the parliamentary activity of the European Parliament

Once the electoral process is concluded, The different European parties that make up the new legislature will have to meet a series of deadlines so that the European Parliament can begin its activity:

  • July 15: Last day for political groups to appear in the European Parliament before the constitution of the Chamber.
  • July 16-19: The European Parliament is established through the constitutive plenary session. Here the Presidency, the 14 vice-presidencies and the five quaestors (responsible for the administrative affairs of the Chamber) are elected.

What day does each country vote?

Even though the votes will be counted on the same day of countingprovisional results They will not be announced until the closing of the polling stations in all member countries of the European Union. Thus, the first citizens to vote will be those from the Netherlands and, among the last, will be the Spanish or Italians. Nevertheless, These are the dates on which each country will vote:

  • June 6th: Netherlands.
  • June 7th: Ireland and Czech Republic.
  • 8 of June: Slovakia, Latvia, Malta and overseas territories of France and Italy.
  • June 9: The rest of the countries, among which is Spain. Also voting: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal and Sweden.