Katy Perry causes confusion with fake Met Gala photos

American singer Katy Perry caused confusion this Tuesday by hanging up Fake photos generated by artificial intelligence of his supposed attendance at the fashion gala of the Metropolitan Museum of New York, a maneuver that even fooled his own mother.

“I couldn't go to the MET, I had to work”the “Firework” singer wrote to her 207 million followers on Instagram.

But the message was accompanied by two photos that appeared to show Perry on the famous steps of the Metropolitan Museumwhich hosts the most famous evening in the world of fashion and celebrities every year.

In one photo the singer was wearing a huge floral dress, while the second showed her in a warrior-style corset and petticoats.

The location of the photos was “Metaverse”but many fans online didn't realize that Perry wasn't actually present.

The image even fooled the mother of the famous singer.

Perry shared an exchange in which her mother wrote: ““I didn’t know you went to the Met.”

Perry responded: “ha ha mom, the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) fooled you too, BE CAREFUL!”

More fake photos

During the evening, other fake photos of celebrities appeared, such as Rihanna, who did not attend the event because she was sick.

Although AI has often been used to create harmful and sexualized images of celebrities, some people have decided to adopt the technology for their own purposes.

Earlier this year, British singer-songwriter FKA Twigs revealed that she had created a deepfake version of herself.

“Not only is she trained to imitate my personality, but she can also use my exact tone of voice to speak in many languages,” he said in a statement.

“I will be using my AI branches later to gain more resonance and manage my social media interactions, while still focusing on my art from the comfort and peace of my studio,” she added.