Jorge Vilda, in trouble: economic setback after his first setback with Morocco

Jorge Vilda, former Spain coach, never fit in and was questioned long before the World Cup. His tactical methods and attitude did not convince the players until it ended in the famous 3:00 pm riot. Even so, he managed to make “La Roja” proclaimed world champion. A success that was buried by Jenni Hermoso's kiss that forced him to finally resign and head to Morocco.

However, the adventure has not started well for the coach who also faces a year and a half in prison for coercing the Madrid soccer player and her entourage.

Goodbye to Paris

The Moroccan women's team led by Spaniard Jorge Vilda has said goodbye to the dream of competing for the first time in its history in the Olympic Games after losing 0-1 to Zambia. The Atlas Lionesses could not beat Zambia in the second leg match held at the Mulay El Hasan stadium in Rabat, for the fourth and final qualifying round for Paris 2024.

They fell after beating Zambia 2-1 on the 5th at the Levy Mwanawasa stadium in Ndola. The Moroccan players thus did not achieve what would have been the third milestone for women's football in the Maghreb country, after qualifying in 2022 for the first time for the African Cup of Nations and also playing for the first time in the 2023 World Cup.

But this Vilda's first failure outside of Spain not only has sporting consequences but will also deal a blow to her bank account.

If we take into account the salary of her predecessor – Reynald Pedros – which was revealed during the last World Cup in Australia, Vilda's salary It is around 200,000 euros per year plus substantial bonuses based on the achievements obtained.

Lose one of your bonuses

A figure higher than his contract with Spain, which Luis Rubiales estimated at 170,000 euros, but lower than what he would have received if the former president of the RFEF had not fallen to hell after Jenni Hermoso's kiss. It is worth remembering that if he had continued in his position as coach, Vilda's salary would have multiplied by three after winning the Women's World Cup: from the 160,000 or 170,000 gross euros per year that he earned until now he would have gone on to receive half a million euros per year. , as Rubiales himself promised after refusing to resign as president of the RFEF.

However, his contract with Morocco – as leaked days after his signing – included two objectives that would raise his salary to 400,000 euros: qualification for the Olympic Games and for the next World Cup and the Africa Cup.

With the Olympic dream out of reach, the coup for Vilda is not only sporting but also economic.