Jorge Drexler criticizes compositions made with artificial intelligence

GuadalajaraMexico – The Uruguayan musician Jorge Drexler declared yesterday, Friday, against compositions with applications of artificial intelligence, such as GPT Chat, by arguing that they lack the identity that characterizes songs made by a person.

During a conference at the International Music Fair (FIM) in Guadalajara, the singer-songwriter pointed out that artificial intelligence can be an eminence in the management of words, but it lacks the experiences and emotionality that characterize human life.

”There is no biography behind it, there is no part of reality, of the personal experience of that entity behind it that makes you feel that you are talking to someone who is going through things like what you are going through,” he said.

Drexler offered a talk to students and professionals gathered on the last day of FIM activities in which he showed his conviction that music evokes emotion and in which the composition process plays a fundamental role.