Isabel Díaz Ayuso: With courage ahead

He is suffering a political attack, this time due to the tax investigation of his current romantic partner. Something that is no stranger to Isabel Díaz Ayuso, given that since her arrival to the presidency of the Government of the Community of Madrid she has been the object of fierce attacks by the political and media left. “They seek my personal destruction,” says the Madrid president, victim of unprecedented harassment, focused on her family sphere. According to herself, she details to remove any shadow of suspicion first against her father, an honest man now deceased. Then her mother, completely unrelated to any business. Then her brother, a salesman trying to make a living. And to top it all off, her boyfriend, Alberto González Amador, who she says is under savage inspection by the Treasury with the sole objective of harming her. Far from giving up, Isabel takes the bull by the horns, stands up and denounces being the victim of a campaign orchestrated by the president of the government himself: “Pedro Sánchez seeks my personal destruction,” reiterates a hurt, enraged leader, hardened in a thousand battles. and with an unmistakable quality, courage.

Everyone who knows her agrees that Ayuso grows in adversity. In the midst of a tangle of leaks by the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, the Tax Agency and the Prosecutor's Office, the Madrid councilor faces her situation with courage: “Those who are sitting on political and economic corruption are not going to be able to defeat me,” warns the president.

The Ayuso phenomenon obsesses the left. The Madrid baroness has shown her face at a press conference after her Government Council and in the Madrid Assembly in a shameful session where, far from addressing the problems that affect the people of Madrid, it seemed like a real estate souk on the apartments of politicians. The properties of the Minister of Health, Mónica García, some in dispute, or the luxurious property in which Vice President Yolanda Díaz comfortably lives in charge of all Spaniards, were overshadowed by the apartment of the president's partner. And all this in the midst of scandalous leaks of tax data and private allegations by lawyers that violate the most basic right to defense. “After years of infernal attacks, they are once again using the powers of the State against the person I live with to harm me,” insists the president. She admits to being touched by this blow, but she defends herself like a lioness because she thinks that everything is a maneuver to cover up the mask scandal, the Koldo case and many others that affect “Sanchism.” With her direct verbal language she is clear: “I will not be a piece to collect.”

It is used to the blows of La Moncloa, relentless judicial hostility, attacks from the political and media left. None of his predecessors, no Madrid leader, ever endured such harassment.

But Isabel Natividad Díaz Ayuso knew how to create her own brand that gave her an absolute majority in the Community of Madrid, something that many do not forgive her for. She won harsh and tense elections, in a heroic campaign, full of trips. They wanted to break her and she became stronger. They sought to defame her, but they hit the nail on the head. And if they tried to lower her figure, she emerged with a greater political profile. In that convulsive campaign she endured insanities and insults as virulent as they cannot be remembered. But Isabel did not give up because, according to her team, “You grow in adversity”. Now, given the investigation into his partner, Sol's headquarters are clear about a direct offensive against him that seeks to cover up the scandals of “sanchismo.”

Ayuso is a brave woman used to taking the bull by the horns. She has experienced the coronavirus firsthand when she became infected shortly after the terrible outbreak emerged. Despite this and her dirty game against her, she worked tirelessly and had the political sense to call elections in the face of suspicions of betrayal by her own partners, then from Ciudadanos, and she caught everyone on the back foot. changed. She designed a campaign in the street, neighbor to neighbor, outside the offices and the official car. «More than sixteen hours non-stop, from seven in the morning until dawn», recalls a collaborator of the president. The left, especially the PSOE, does not forgive the hegemony of the center-right in Madrid, nor the merit of its fiscal policies that place it at the top of the GDP, leader in job creation and economic engine of Spain. But she warns: “Lies have very short legs.” At forty-five years old, she is already seasoned in many battles.

Born in the Madrid neighborhood of Chamberí, into a family dedicated to commerce, she was always an independent, self-made woman. She graduated in Journalism, she met Pablo Casado in the municipal district of Moncloa where he championed the New Generations of Madrid. Since then she worked in the citizen neighborhoods with a free and critical conscience for her role as a journalist. Her fate made her suffer “friendly fire” from her own party and her then leader, Pablo Casado, which caused her departure from the PP and a great internal crisis until the arrival of Alberto Núñez Feijóo. From a very young age she learned to make a living for herself and take daggers from her adversary.

In all this time as president, Isabel has been the target of a rabid left, but she has made Madrid an open Community, which welcomes everyone without distinction, a great European capital far from sectarianism and the anachronistic nationalism that invades other corners. from the country. Now, this new personal episode especially hurts her and emboldens her harassers. In her team they define her as having a mix of strength, resilience, empathy and sensitivity to problems. That she is not few. Isabel Díaz Ayuso, unbeatable against everything and everyone.