Is Samsung’s new smart ring worth it?

Samsung had already given us a sneak peek at the MWC regarding the Galaxy Ring and the smart ring option also arrived at the European Championship, thanks to England. But now we have it in our hands. And it couldn’t be better said. This ring is based on at least four sensors already tested by Samsung, only miniaturized. for “travelling” discreetly: the ring weighs a maximum of 3 grams, depending on its size.

The Galaxy Ring aims to monitor our health 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It has a water resistance of 10ATM and a grade 5 titanium finish (it stands out for its high resistance, durability and, above all, for its high biocompatibility). The battery lasts up to 7 days and a full charge takes 80 minutesIt is available in three colors: Gold, Silver and Black with nine size options.

All the data and analysis you get from your sensors are integrated into Samsung Health and The biggest bet is the dream: Features Samsung’s best sleep analysis and a powerful AI algorithm to help you easily understand your sleep patterns and create better habits. It also analyzes sleep movement, sleep latency, and heart and respiratory rate.

Add to that a vitality score, a new feature enabled by Galaxy AI, which allows you to “play” to improve your health. It is information based on your physical condition that It assesses four significant factors: sleep, activity, heart rate during sleep, and heart rate variability during sleep.With this data, recommendations are obtained to improve health with different routines designed taking into account the user’s characteristics.

Galaxy Ring also supports broader daily wellness monitoring, allowing you to stay informed about your heart health with Heart Rate Alert. This feature provides instant notifications about unusually high or low heart rates in real timeIt is linked with a simple gesture to the phone and has an option to find it in case it has been lost. We can also use it as a remote control for the mobile camera or cancel an alarm on the phone with just one touch.

And now the question logic: is it worth it? For now, we won’t have the option to respond to this dilemma, as it won’t be coming to Spain. But for €449, it’s a very bold bet for a device that has no precedent in the health device market. And it will have to be evaluated very thoroughly.