International Paper celebrates 25 years of commitment to sustainability at its Madrid factory

Within the framework of the 125th anniversary of International Paper, for which the company launched its new brand identity and logo in March, the Madrid Mill plant, in Fuenlabrada, turns 25 and is a benchmark in the sector in our country. The packaging paper factory based on 100% recycled fiber reaches the quarter of a century standing out in three key areas: technological performance, leadership in sustainability and a culture focused on safety and inclusion; values ​​that are framed in the company’s 2030 Vision.

Since its inauguration in 1998, the Madrid Mill plant has been a benchmark in the paper and cardboard market. After its conversion in 2018, the plant went from producing newsprint to producing paper for corrugated cardboard. This conversion project was also used to carry out improvements and modernization of the production and control systems. Now, it turns 25, having achieved several milestones and looking to the future of the sector.

Environmental commitment

The Madrid Mill factory has been one of the first to bring the circular economy to life with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact of its commercial activity.

The plant has been the first in Europe to operate with a 100% regenerated water cycle, demonstrating a tangible commitment to sustainability. Likewise, in their facilities, they have their own cogeneration plant, in a joint operation with Iberdrola, which allows them to have a positive balance between the electrical energy produced and that consumed 100% and also cover the thermal energy demands of the production process. paper manufacturing. They also use self-generated biogas from their wastewater treatment plant to cover up to 25% of the steam needed for production.

But the commitment to sustainability is not limited only to the form of production but also to the product. His company CARPA (Cartón y Papel Reciclado SA) exclusively supplies International Paper with the raw materials that the factory needs during its production process, providing nearly 480,000 tons of paper, of which 180,000 come from collective collections throughout Spain.

All these characteristics have allowed International Paper Madrid Mill to be awarded in 2021 at the Community of Madrid Awards, in the “Sustainability in Paper and Packaging Solutions” category.

An example of a circular economy, its waste collection company, CARPA, provides the factory with the raw materials necessary for the annual production of 400,000 tons of 100% recycled paper that it distributes to its own packaging plants.International Paper

A plant at the technological forefront

International Paper Madrid Mill has been a pioneer in the use of cutting-edge technology, housing one of the most advanced recycled paper machines in Europe, and which was also, in its day, the fastest in the production of newsprint. It serves the company’s network of corrugated packaging plants in Spain and France with its range of first-class Prime products; a lightweight, high-performance recycled paper.

Its distributed control system allows you to constantly monitor production and consumption data related to fiber, water and energy in the factory and, based on this, adjust the process to achieve a better result. This system is combined with plant maintenance based on the best available practices, in this way the stability and consistency of the process and the product can be ensured, as well as generating lower consumption of resources by making more efficient use of the resources. themselves.

All of this has allowed the Fuenlabrada plant to maintain constant performance, producing 400,000 metric tons of recycled packaging paper per year; a product that is also manufactured sustainably.

Since its inauguration in 1998, the Madrid Mill plant has been a benchmark in the paper and cardboard market.
Since its inauguration in 1998, the Madrid Mill plant has been a benchmark in the paper and cardboard market.International Paper

Social commitment

Within Vision 2030, and among the main objectives of International Paper, is the commitment to diversity and inclusion. With an active and progressive commitment, there are many actions and activities promoted by the company to achieve 30% women in the workforce and 50% female representation in salaried positions.

At Madrid Mill, the general director is a woman, Annie Marechal, who has stood out for her leadership within the plant. Likewise, it has invested significantly in the safety of employees and subcontractors, ensuring a safe and sustainable work environment.

“Responsible management is very present in our DNA and is the center of our activity. Our commitment is to create a better future for people, the planet and our company. And, of course, our plant in Madrid constitutes a key piece to achieve this purpose. Our goal is to continue betting on sustainability, continue improving our environmental footprint, while offering our customers the best products,” said Annie Marechal, general director of Madrid Mill.

Marechal has also highlighted the importance that employees have for the company: “At International Paper, we believe that it is essential to take care of staff and create an appropriate work environment that motivates workers. We are all a great team that works together and carries out activities with the community together. Our plant is located in Fuenlabrada and we want to be part of your community with our team.”

These 25 years have served to strengthen these three areas that characterize the International Paper ecosystem. Madrid Mill continues to lead the way towards a more sustainable future, standing out not only as an industrial facility, but as a beacon of innovation and environmental commitment in the paper industry. This growth highlights the company’s resilience, its commitment to sustainability and its vision for the coming years.