innovation to be more sustainable

Hubgrade is made up of several centers that operate in an integrated manner. In addition, there is a center specialized in photovoltaic installations. In this way, they have a global vision of each of the facilities they supervisein real time and with direct access to information.

Thus, Veolia supervises – through data collection, constant analysis and the experience and human knowledge of its professional teams – the impact of actions and establishes predictive systems for the management of water, waste and energy.

And all, in order to optimize energy production and reduce environmental footprint through decarbonization, decontamination or resource regeneration solutions.

In Spain, this network of centers manages more than 2,500 remote installationsachieving savings of 1.5 million euros per year and avoiding the emission of 183 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere.

Among these services, Hubgrade allows, for example, monitor production facilities and heating and cooling networks in real time. It is also capable of deploying energy flexibility mechanisms in industries and buildings, thanks to high-performance algorithms.

In this way, it manages to reduce the energy consumption of this type of installations, avoiding energy losses and optimizing the operation of air conditioning systems and indoor air qualitywhich has a positive impact on people's health.