If you have one of these phone numbers, you can sell it for up to 14,000 euros

When a telephone number is registered, the customer has no power to decide which one they will receive. If you're lucky, you'll get one that's easy to memorize and, If you have a lot, one that you can also sell for, in the best case, up to 14,000 euros. These are the numbers known as VIP or Goldwhich are bought and sold on specialized platforms and others such as Milanuncios or eBay.

A Gold number, the most commonly used term, is a phone number which presents a simple combination of digits, very easy to remember. This is useful not only for individuals, but also for the companieseither for your executives or for customer service where a number of this type is much more useful.

According to the Gold Numbers phone number sales platform, VIP numbers are divided into two categories: Gold and Platinum, with those of greatest value appearing in the latter. The amounts that can be obtained by selling one of the Gold category range from €120 that are paid for numbers like 692 376 376, in which 376 is repeated twiceup to €800 if you have one like 655 585 555, with 555 also 2 times.

As you can see, The more a number is repeated, the greater the value of the combination.. Therefore, if you have a number that repeats this pattern, such as 650 433 433, you have a number that can have significant economic value if you are willing to sell it. Its availability is also not abundant, Gold Numbers lists a total of 66 Gold numbers available for sale.

From the €1,000 We enter the Platinum category, which contains 59 telephone numbers on this platform, one of them corresponding to a landline, 822 222 222, which is sold for 5,000 euros. In this case, the range starts with 699,999,959, for the price mentioned and in which a digit is repeated 7 timesand the €1,500 from combinations such as 657 222 222 or 670 444 444, in which The sequence is that the last six digits are repeated.

At the top, we find two numbers per €14,000 each: 686 666 666 and 676 666 666, with the last number repeated 8 times. With 7 times, as in 674 444 444, the price already drops to €6,500. The order is also important, since it is quoted more than the repeated numbers go in a row to be interrupted by those who are not. But if you have a number that repeats any of these patterns, then A few thousand euros may be waiting for you if you find the right buyer.