If you buy at Temu, be careful: This is what you should do to avoid a scam

Thanks to the technology, we no longer have to go out and look for things that we like or need. We can obtain everything, with a single touch, from our mobile. There are many commercial giants that deliver products to the door of our homes. The best known are amazon, ebay, Shein andAliExpress

Added to these giants Temuan emerging competitor that is rapidly gaining ground in the global market. Temu, with his aggressive approach thanks to his low priceshas managed to capture the attention of many consumers and establish itself as a viable alternative in the world of online purchases.

What is Temu?

Temu is a marketplace (online marketplace) based in Chinawhich offers a wide range of products at highly competitive prices, through its website and of the mobile app. One of the main attractions of this web portal is its aggressive policy of priceswith discounts that can reach up to 90%. With categories ranging from beauty and health until technology and Children's clothingTemu offers a diversified and attractive shopping experience for its users.

Is Temu safe to buy?

While Temu's safety has been the subject of debate due to some information that questioned its safety, is a reliable platform for online shopping. Although questions have been raised, including accusations of device spyingthe investigations carried out in this regard have not been able to demonstrate that they have carried out significant violations of issues of security or unauthorized access to users' personal information.

Alert for various scams in the Temu app

Tempting promises of products at irresistible prices can become a nightmare for online shoppers. The negative reviews abound, revealing a number of risks associated with the platform, from counterfeit products until privacy violations and scams.

Although they guarantee maximum security for the customer, there are some risks associated with purchasing on this platform, such as the possibility of receiving different products as advertised or experience excessive delivery delays due to products being shipped directly from China.

Some users have reported on social network X about their bad experiences on this platform.

In the case of user @EduardoDzMn, he explains that he received a message informing him that to receive his package, he must deposit more money.

In the case of the user @Unmillandecosas, he recommends not buying on this platform, because orders arrive incorrectly or never arrive, and he gives other recommendations not to leave the data saved in the application.

Sources from the Temu company explained to “Diariocrítico” that “it will seek the support of its clients to identify and report fraudulent websites and applications that impersonate the e-commerce platform for deceptive purposes.”

Most common cyber scams

E-commerce experts warn that the following risks may occur within these virtual shopping platforms:

90% discount scams: Deceptive ads promise extremely generous discounts to lure unsuspecting buyers. However, by clicking on them, users risk being directed to sites, where scammers try to steal personal and financial information.

Prizes from popular games like Fortnite or Roblox: They offer free gift cards or game upgrades in exchange for entering a code reference (it is an additional tool used to identify users) in these apps. These offers are a common tactic among scammers to take advantage of users' curiosity and access user data.

Imitation products: Although there is no clear evidence that Temu offers counterfeit productssome items may be near-perfect imitations of popular brands, which can lead to buyer disappointment.

Fake celebrity merchandising: Cybercriminals use social networks to carry out these types of scams. To do this, they pose as Temu and publish supposedly false offers with celebrities. To do this, they use tools Artificial intelligence, to create photomontages of celebrities promoting product offers, which are really a form of scam. They take advantage of the trust that the most fanatical users have in their idols to encourage them to click on a link that redirects them to another website, where they must fill out a form with personal data, account number, address, etc. to obtain the supposed discount code. In this simple way, cybercriminals manage to access all the victims' data in order to sell it or simply to use it to make fraudulent purchases.

How to buy safely:

To guarantee a safe shopping experience on Temu or any other platform, it is recommended to take the following steps:

  • Check reputation from the seller before making a purchase.
  • Consult the opinionss from other users about the products and sellers.
  • Use secure payment methodssuch as PayPal, which offer additional buyer protection.
  • Download the official Temu app only from trusted sources such as Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Avoid access the platform through unverified or suspicious links.
  • Verify that the Temu website uses security protocols such as Https (secure hypertext transfer protocol).

Tips to stay safe in the shopping app

  • Avoid clicking in unsolicited links or advertisements.
  • Access the site official Web from Temu directly to verify offers.
  • Do not store payment details in the account.
  • Custom the two factor authentication for greater security.
  • Don't let yourself carry for offers that require reference codes.