“I miss you”, the original Apple ad in which the plugs sing

The ballad couldn’t be sadder. A desperate song to lost love and loneliness: “At night I remember when you and I were inseparable. We had pure energy. “We had chemistry.”

Now, however, all that is over. And, logically, the part of the couple that has been abandoned does not understand it. He can not do it. Inside music: “Why are we separating? I’m freaking out. I can’t sleep waiting for you to come home. You are the one I am in love with. I feel like it’s been too long, and I’m missing you.”

The one who sings is a desperate plug “abandoned” by his hitherto inseparable mobile phone, about which he now practically knows nothing. And the ballad is the original way that Apple has to sell one of the great virtues of your new iPhone 15 Plus, which almost does not need to be charged thanks to the enormous autonomy of its battery.

((LINK:EXTERNAL|||https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07cKD8GK__c|||The ad has been created by Apple’s lead agency, TBWAMedia Arts Lab,)) and carries title “Miss you” (I miss you). It shows a double plug in which the socket below begins to sing the song “Way Too Long”, by Doe Boy, with a very visual effect in which the holes of the plug come to life to resemble a sad face that It moves to the sound of the lyrics and the melody.

While the disconsolate power outlet sings its sorrows, the user of the new phone enjoys lying on the couch with his device without worrying about that until now “inseparable” companion. The effect is really very successful. Rest in peace the love story between the plug and the mobile phone.