Hypelist: the application to share recommendations that you need on your mobile

In a blink of an eye, Hypelist has gone from being a simple app to becoming a cultural phenomenon. Its creator, Alfonso Cobo, recognized for his previous hits like Unfold, has once again surprised the market with what promises to be the hit of the year 2024. But his ambition goes far beyond conventional. Following the overwhelming launch of the app, Cobo has decided to expand its reach and create an entire universe around Hypelist.

Hypelist stands out as a platform to organize, share and connect the best recommendations. Aiming to appeal to a younger audience, Cobo has collaborated with talented singer Cara Hart to release a single titled “Hypelist.”

Reminiscent of the energetic Pop-Punk of the 2000s, the song pays homage to the obsessions of today’s youth, their rebellion and authenticity, while establishing a connection between Hypelist and music, fashion and lifestyle. Performed and produced by Cara Hart, with the collaboration of Alfonso Cobo in the composition, “Hypelist” is expected to become a smash hit on playlistsunder the Bad Star Records record label, owned by the entrepreneur.

Cobo’s ambition is reflected in his latest challenge: the creation of his own record label. By building a comprehensive universe around his application, the Spanish entrepreneur seeks to explore all business aspects, allowing each of his companies to mutually benefit. This gives him the opportunity to address common challenges he faces as a content creator, such as music licensing issues. By consolidating his own record label, Cobo has the ability to create and promote music that best suits the brand you are building. Without a doubt, the first success of this new stage will be “Hypelist.”

Born in the Canary Islands, raised in Madrid and graduated in architecture in London, Cobo found his true passion in design, which led him to enroll at the Parsons School of Design in New York. In the city of dreams, he brought the successful Unfold app to life, laying the foundation for his future innovative projects such as Hypelist.