Huawei nails the time with its new smartwatch

Although in the smartphone section Huawei has been suffering from the “Trump blockade” for a couple (and more) of years, when it comes to gadgets (headphones, laptops, tablets and watches) there is no doubt that its products remain in the competition in Europe. For samples the button the new Huawei Watch Fit 3. The previous generation was very similar to a smart bracelet, just with a slightly larger screen, but now they've taken a leap and nailed it. And the price, €159 (50 more than the previous version), is another incentive.

Huawei has presented the new generation with 6 different models (pink, green, gray and black with silicone straps, for all audiences), the coolest version (for athletes, in gray and with a nylon strap and red crown) and a more elegant one with a leather strap and an ivory tone. After four years and three generations, the new Fit 3 debuts with a renewed design and technology: it is a comprehensive update to the square designwith new materials and interactive design.

This smartwatch brings very complete updates, both sports and health, an improved StayFit App, as well as the introduction of the new TruSleepTM 4.0 and TruSeenTM 5.5 for a sleep and heart rate monitoring, respectively, more precise. Added to that are 5 new sport modes (including paddle tennis), smart sports suggestions and 100 other options.

Three options for the Fit 3HuaweiHuawei

The body is made of aluminum alloy and with a weight of just 26 g and a thickness of 9.9 mm, it is the lightest and thinnest square smartwatch from the house to date. The 1.82-inch 2.5D AMOLED display increases the display area by 10% and features a maximum brightness of 1500 nits. A success Automatic adjustment to the user's environment and intelligent activity detection: if we start running it adjusts for the activity we do and the visualization we need.

Added to this are smart suggestions in three areas: “Eat”, “Move” and “Keep fit”. To help users maintain a healthier diet, it offers a personal weight management trainer which has an updated global database of dietary calories in 50 countries and provides nutritional analysis, making the weight management journey more scientific.

The lighter shades of the Fit 3
The lighter shades of the Fit 3HuaweiHuawei

To encourage users to “Move”, add the Smart Suggestion option. When daily activity or fat loss goals are not met, the watch suggests exercise types and recommended duration based on habits and weather conditions. The watch also incorporates functions focused on physical exercise: a “virtual trainer” that suggests movements, exercises and warm-up options with audio and animation. Added to this is Huawei Health, which offers more than 660 training courses.

The battery is also worth highlighting: with a single charge it stays “alive” for up to 10 days and 10 minutes of charging is enough to give us an extra day (and yes, they come with their own charger). The visual interface has also been improved compared to previous generations: for example, the background color in Sports mode now changes with heart rate, so that information can be read at a glance.

Music playback, remote shutter release and reminders (text messages, social apps), quick messaging responses, weather, assistant, etc. have also been improved. We already are testing and soon there will be an in-depth analysis.

The Watch Fit 3 is now available for €159 in 6 colors and with an offer until June 18: it includes the FreeBuds SE 2 headphones and with a promotional code an extra free strap is included.

Along with this watch, Huawei has also presented a new version of the Watch 4 Pro, the Space Edition. Constructed with aerospace grade DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) materials, a material with many of the properties of diamond, used in the space industry. But this is not the only thing that makes it special or spacey: the main aesthetic characteristic of the Space Edition is its LAVAL concept, inspired by the Laval nozzle used in rockets and spaceships, which is adopted in its red and black nanocrystalline ceramic bezel made with its own co-calcination process: a process that involves subjecting materials to very high temperatures to eliminate volatile substances.

The space edition, Huawei version
The space edition, Huawei versionHuaweiHuawei

Based on titanium, a DLC coating has been applied to the case and strap, something that until now was only used in traditional high-end watches. The screen is spherical sapphire crystal and is certified with a higher level of Mohs hardness (just like diamond). It can be submerged to 30 meters and meets EN 133192 diving equipment engineering standards.

One of the interesting details is that the dial has animations that simulate a flare, similar to that of the rocket engine that represents the watch's battery. It also incorporates an exclusive Star Explorer dial, with visualization of astrological constellations: users can choose their zodiac sign or highlight the star constellations in the sky of the current month, being able to change constellations simply by turning the crown. Well for the astronomical part, the astrology thing, we left it in suspense.

To all this we must add the obvious features of sports analysis, health settings, oximetry and the classics of a smartwatch. There will also be an analysis. His price is 650 euros and includes the FreeBuds 5i as gifts.

In the presentation Huawei also highlighted that it has updated its flagship laptop, the MateBook X Pro (only laptop with an Intel Core Ultra 9 processor that weighs less than 1 kg)and has also presented the company's first tablet with a PaperMatte Display, the industry's first tablet with flexible OLED display