How to use WhatsApp to transfer files up to 2 GB between your mobile and computer

Yeah WhatsApp It is one of the most used applications in the world, it is not only because of its capabilities for its users to communicate by chatting or making video or voice calls. WhatsApp is also a photography and video app, an image editor, a personal notepad and a tool that makes transferring files between devices much easier as a computer, be it Windows or Mac, and mobile, be it Android or iOS.

Historically, the application has allowed the transfer of photos and videos between chats since practically its inception, but for a long time with very small size limits. The capability arrived in December 2009, a few months after its launch that same year. First with a limit of 2MB which would then rise little by little to the 100MB that the app established in 2017. Until 2020 there were no changes in this aspect, but from then on things improved significantly for users who in just 2 years saw how WhatsApp allowed the exchange of files of any type and up to 2GB in size, a more than respectable amount.

To this we must add two other features that the app has gained over the years: the possibility of accessing WhatsApp Web from any browser, on any device, and the save your own phone number as another contact to which you can send messages and which also arrived in 2022.

With these tools, any user can send themselves the file they want, as long as they respect the size limit, and recover it from another device on which you have WhatsApp open. For example, self-send the file from your mobile and download it to a PC through WhatsApp Web. Or vice versa.

It could already be done before the option to save your own phone number as that of another contact arrived, but then required the creation of an ad hoc group to receive the files and messages sent. In this way it is much simpler and more intuitive than with other options such as using a USB memory, email or a cloud storage service. You just have to follow these steps:

  • Opens WhatsApp and click on the icon new chat.
  • In section WhatsApp contacts Your profile will appear as the first contact on the list. Click on it.
  • In chat with yourself, upload the type of file you want and send it to yourself.
  • Accede to WhatsApp Web from a computer and download it to your computer.