How to know when the Google Streets car will pass by your house

In May 2007, the Google Street View service was launched, providing panoramic views at street level and in 360 degrees, allowing users to see parts of most of the streets on the planet. Initially the images were taken from a vehicle with nine cameras, but the fleet has now also been joined by electric bicycles and tricycles. The images obtained show not only unexpected events, they have also become a “treasure” that many pursue to immortalize themselves on the internet. This is how you can know when Google will stop by your house.

Whether because you are interested in seeing how the images are captured, because you want to see the different vehicles (to which they have also added backpacks with cameras as antennas) or because you want to appear in the images, the easiest option is to go directly to the website. Google Street View.

Dates when Google will come to your houseGoogleGoogle

There you can see the technologies they use when making the maps, what areas have been mapped, how the images are made and there is also a section “What areas are we going to map this month”. There you select the country, the community and the districts and the places that will be mapped that month will appear.

Obviously, they don't tell you the exact time, but at least you'll know the day. Even so, there is a simpler option: create the image yourself and then you will know exactly the time and day. To do this you must go to the Street View contributions website, take 360º images and upload them. If they approve them, you will be able to control the map of your area and go out on it.

You will need a 360º camera for this, just any one is not enough. Fortunately, there are many on the market that allow you to upload this type of images with the quality that Google requires. To do this, they have created a page with all the “approved” cameras on the web. It is important to read the advice for uploading images, since it is necessary to activate positioning: a logical adjustment, on the other hand. It is not enough for you to say that the image is from your neighborhood, it must be confirmed with the GPS signature.