How to avoid spam calls: this is the definitive “salvation” to stop receiving telephone scams

The undesirable phone spam It is a headache for many people. Companies trying to sell productson the one hand, or scams and attempts to steal money and theft of personal dataOn the other hand, it is increasingly common through our mobile phones, no matter how much we manage to block one number after another. Likewise, the freedom of companies has been reduced and calling at certain times has been restricted, but even so, it seems impossible to escape. The Robinson Listto which we must register, also seems to be the solution to fraudulent calls.

Just by looking at the data, we can see the increase and frequency of spam calls. Only in the third quarter of last 2023, were recorded more than 6.5 billion cases of telephone spam in 39 countriesas explained by Hiya Caller ID Global Telephone Threat Report. An average of 73 million fraudulent calls per day. France and Spain were the most affected countrieswith rates that reached 44% and 42% respectively.

In itself, it is a type of calls that tend to come from unknown numbers, hidden numbers or spoofed numbers (known as “spoofing”), making it difficult to identify the sender. In addition to being intrusive, they are also repetitivewith the sole objective of trick you into providing sensitive personal or financial informationsuch as credit card numbers, passwords or personal identification data.

Stop receiving spam calls: this is the way to avoid telephone scams through the Robinson List

Nowadays, it is possible to avoid these types of calls, at least legally and for free. This is the Robinson List, a service that is usually effective in most cases and which aims to have everything more controlled. All companies, likewise, are obliged to consult this list since They cannot send advertising to anyone who is registered as they do not have the consent of the recipients.

The Robinson List was created in 1993 to allow citizens to opt out of receiving advertising through the postal mail. At the moment It has more than a million registered peoplewith the purpose of prevent your personal data from being used for advertising purposes.

Registering is very simple, and can be done by anyone over the age of fourteen. When you enter the official website of the Robinson List, you just have to go to the “Sign up on the list” section and follow the instructions, having to fill out a form that includes ID data, full name, date of birth or email, which receives a confirmation of username and password to access the service.

Subsequently, you can indicate the channels through which you do not want to receive advertising, either by mobile phone, landline, email, postal mail or SMS messages. However, it is important to keep in mind that the effect It is not immediate and can take up to two monthsduring which time companies can continue calling you.