How many photos do we Spaniards take before deciding which one to upload to social networks?

It has happened to all of us. You want to take a portrait of yourself to upload to a social network and things don't look as good as you imagine in your head. So you repeat it over and over again until… how many? That is the question that the Chinese mobile manufacturer has asked itself Honorwho published a study on How much does it cost us Spaniards to get the portrait we want? with the cameras of our mobiles. A question that you have probably never asked yourself, but that yields some curious data.

The first, which is something very common. He 78% of the Spaniards usually get several photos before deciding on one. This implies that the memory of our mobile phones is filling up with failed photos; on average, 203. An aspect in which womenwith an average of 226 images that respond to attempts that are not considered good enough, outperform those menwhose average is 181.

From the perspective of age, they are those belonging to the so-called generation Zthose born between 1997 and 2012, those who accumulate the most failed photos, 215 on average. If we go to the age range between 35 and 45 years old, drop to 170 photos.

And entering swampy waters, in which autonomous communities do users accumulate the most useless photos on their mobile phones? They win Cantabrians with an average of what Honor calls photographic errors of 444 images. They are followed by Navarrese with 337 and those of the Balearic Islands with 284. What the study does not clarify is whether it is because they are the most perfectionist or the most packaged in taking photos.

This issue, the skill of each one taking photographs and the impact on personal relationships, is also part of the study. Apparently, 25% of Spaniards between 18 and 45 years old are ashamed when someone takes too long to take a photo and some take less time, the twenty%, feel frustration if they are with friends or family who are not good at taking a portrait, even getting angry. If we talk about couplesa 33% He is more attracted to someone who enjoys taking photos together and a 13% He is more interested in the other person if he handles the cell phone camera well. He twenty% of those surveyed claim to have had arguments with your better half for not taking a photo well, or not doing it to your liking, and the 6% He has even stopped talking to someone because of a photo.

Knowing that the issue of skill in taking good portraits is so important to many people, it is not surprising that almost half of those surveyed, 45% feel very pressured when asked to take a photo of someone.