Historical changes in the face of “the decline of the House of Windsor”

In exceptional situations, exceptional solutions. This is the maxim that governs Buckingham Palace in the face of what the press has already dubbed “the decline of the Windsors.” With the main representatives of the Crown out of the picture, concern is growing. Elizabeth II already said it, it must be seen to be believed.

Kate's return to the public agenda scheduled for after Easter could calm things down. However, according to the monarchist newspaper “The Telegraph”, some changes are already being considered to deal with an increasingly reduced Royal Family.

The cancer suffered by Carlos III, 75 years old, has made him rethink things. It is clear that after treatment he will not be able to preside at many public events. And it is evident that, at 76 years old, Camila cannot bear the weight of the Crown either. The intense activity in recent months to alleviate the losses of her husband and the princes of Wales have left her “exhausted.”

Therefore, in order to “spread the burdens”, according to the newspaper, Buckingham Palace would be considering plans to allow Camilla and Kate to be the first non-lineage royals to preside over honors ceremonies. When Isabel II began to have difficulties coping with the volume of investitures after the Covid pandemic, this possibility was already considered. And now there would be interest in reopening the debate in the face of a King with cancer and an increasingly smaller number of high-ranking members of active royalty.

Prince William and Kate Middleton during the 2023 Bafta AwardsGtres

At the moment, honor ceremonies can only be presided over by members with royal blood. With the departure of Prince Harry, after the notorious Megxit, and Prince Andrew, due to the controversy over alleged abuse of minors, the list is reduced to the King, the heir and the other two siblings of the monarch, Princess Anne and Prince Edward . However, some in royal circles wonder whether the monarchy would benefit from an injection of fresh blood in this and other aspects.

«Queen Camilla has proven to be a very hard-working wife and who wouldn't want the Princess of Wales to give her a title? “There is a feeling that they have both earned it and that it could be a very popular change,” a source told “Daily Mail.” Although there is some skepticism among some sectors.

About 30 investitures are held each year at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle, as well as in Scotland and Northern Ireland.and more than 2,600 people receive honors for personal achievements from a member of the Royal Family.

There is no rush to make changes, but there is no pause either. The goal, after all, is to avoid the image of a throne of emptiness. Camila will take a week off because they want her to be strong ahead of March 11, Commonwealth Day, one of the most important dates on Buckingham's calendar. The monarch will send a message by video, but the presence of the queen It's essential.

The future trip to Australia of Carlos III and Camilla

The Australian Government is already preparing for the trip of Carlos III and Camilla scheduled for the end of the year. “The King has shown his compassion for Australians affected by recent natural disasters, just as Australians have shown compassion and support for the King following his cancer diagnosis. “The King, Queen and members of the Royal Family are always welcome in Australia,” Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese recently commented.