He beheads his father in Asturias, throws his head onto the road and threatens drivers with an ax

This Monday the Civil Guard arrested a 46 year old man accused of kill and behead his father in the Asturian council of Ribera de Arriba.

As reported by the Armed Institute, at around 10:00 p.m. through simultaneous calls, the Civil Guard Command of Asturias learned that several Motorists on the N-630, at kilometer point 35,500 as they pass through Soto de Ribera, were being attacked by an excited individual carrying an ax in his hands.

Several patrols traveled to the scene and They managed to locate and subdue the man to arrest him.

Some of the calls to the armed institute warned of the presence of a man with the naked torso stained with blood that he was throwing himself on top of the cars that passed through the area. Other witnesses claimed to have seen the head of an elderly person at one of the road roundabouts.

At the moment no further information has been released about the reason for the murder. The man remains admitted to the Central University Hospital of Asturias.