Guarantee of service and sustainability, telecommunications excellence

Telecommunications is a critical industry, as determined by the Government of Spain. Therefore, it is essential that these infrastructures are always available, in order to guarantee good service and connectivity to all citizens.

In this sense, Cellnex, the European leader in wireless telecommunications infrastructure, permanently monitors its assets, which allows it to detect – and resolve – any incident early. The control centers, NOC (for its acronym in English “Network Operation Center”) are responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the Telecommunications Infrastructure Services (for Mobile Operators), Mission Critical (for security and emergency forces ), and Broadcasting (for radio and television networks, both public and private) 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Furthermore, in the event that any incident is detected in these services offered by the company, the client is informed immediately, as well as the measures adopted in each circumstance.

To give us an idea, Cellnex sources estimate the number of incidents that these NOCs manage each month at around 20 million.

These measures are complemented by intelligent access or “Smart Access” that allows controlling the access that occurs to the more than 50,000 digital locks at the 130,000 locations that Cellnex has throughout Europe. Clients, suppliers and employees who can access it do so through a mobile application that is used approximately 85,000 times a month.

By having all the data on these accesses, security is improved and maintenance costs are reduced, since these locks do not require a battery and the digital management of authorizations is more transparent and sustainable.


It is not, however, the only aspect in which sustainability plays a fundamental role. It should be noted that guaranteeing that telecommunications services are always available entails a constant energy supply, so Cellnex must have alternative supply routes in case any of the primary energy sources fail.

However, and in order to make consumption as efficient as possible, Cellnex carries out digital monitoring of energy consumption at all its sites. In this way, aspects such as antennas, servers and cooling systems are analyzed, in order to control costs, be more efficient in the

energy consumption and more environmentally friendly. Cellnex can thus have a precise idea of ​​how much is consumed at any given time, which allows it

design energy saving measures without impacting a reduction in the service provided to its customers.

In addition, the company shares this energy data with customers, so that these companies can also carry out energy efficiency plans. And it works together with them in the progressive deployment of alternative energy sources.

Among Cellnex's clients we find security and emergency forces for whom the availability of communications is even more critical than for the average citizen. These organizations use specific and dedicated radio communications networks. Networks that, many times, have been designed, installed and are managed by Cellnex, which takes into account the high security standards they demand. In addition, the company includes redundant equipment in this type of service to avoid any communications outage.

To give us an idea, mobile radio communications systems of this type have more than 1,300 base stations that are responsible for providing service to more than 98,000 users, including police, firefighters, forest rangers and health personnel throughout Spain.

Cellnex has a twin and it is digital

Thanks to digital twins (virtual exact recreation), many organizations can optimize their resources, facilities and services, since they can simulate possible changes and consequences before implementing them in real life.

Cellnex has its own digital twin for all the processes inherent to its services, from customer request to 24/7 provision. Furthermore, with this tool the company can show clients the availability of space on a site, typology of installed equipment, study of electromagnetic radiation, structural calculation, viability for new clients, etc.

Thus, when a client requests a change in the service they receive from Cellnex, they can see, from the beginning of the request to the final provision and installation of equipment, what is the most efficient management, having greater control and a reduction in the cost. in service.

Benefits that are transferred directly to the company's clients.