Greenpeace calls for creating a marine reserve in international waters between Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia and Panama

Quito – The environmental organization Greenpeace asked this Monday to create a marine protected area in the international waters between the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador), Costa Rica, Colombia and Panamathrough the application of the historic Global Ocean Treaty, signed a year ago within the framework of the United Nations.

The 'Eastern Tropical Pacific High Seas Protected Area' could become the first marine protected area created under the new Treaty, highlighted in a statement the environmental organization, which has been on a scientific cruise aboard its ship since the end of February. ship Arctic Sunrise to investigate and document the marine biodiversity of that area.

“Outside the Galapagos protected area, industrial fishing fleets continue to plunder the oceans. We must protect this area”Ruth Ramos, from Greenpeace's 'Protect the Oceans' campaign, said in a statement.

Ramos recalled that, in March 2023, all governments agreed to the historic UN Ocean Treaty, which until now has only been ratified by Chili and the small island republic of Palau (Oceania), and that will allow the creation of marine reserves in international waters such as the one suggested by the non-governmental organization.