Google has a new version of the Chrome dinosaur game, but only for 5 days

Dino Run It has been with us for a whopping decade. Any browser user Chrome has killed time with it on occasion while waiting for the Internet connection to be restored, since the game appears on the screen when it is lost and a web page cannot be loaded. It has remained virtually unchanged over the years, but that changes now… for a few days.

Google has released a new version that uses artificial intelligence so that the user modifies various aspects of the game with all the possibilities that the Generative AI. It is an experiment that is hosted in Google Labs and that it has an expiration date; Your last day online will be next Tuesday.

Dino Gene allows the user to modify three game parameters: the character, the obstacles and the background of the stage. When accessing the game, the user finds, under the home screen, three fields that they can fill out to configure it to their liking. It is not about choosing between predetermined options, as is often the case, but about write the item you want to introduce into the game and let the AI ​​create itfollowing the classic pixelated visual style of Dino Run.

Gen Dino with Mario as a playable character. Alfredo Biurrun.

The interesting thing about GenDino is that you can put almost everything whatever you can think of, although the AI it does not always generate it correctly. You can replace the dinosaur with a cat, a car, Darth Vader or Mario from Nintendo video games, among many other options. The same thing happens with the objects and the stage background. There are cases in which the AI ​​fails to create what you ask of it, but they are few. Basically, and Under the approach of an obstacle course, you can configure the game as you wish.

GenDino has been created using the text-to-image language model Image 2 and StyleDrop, a fine-tuning technique implemented in this AI. They trained him with the original Dino Run game so he could create content in that style. The only but that can be put is that the creations that you can use as the protagonist they are not animated, as if the original dinosaur was, and the created shape is simply moved laterally. Remember, if you want to try it you only have 5 days to do it.