For €328, Nothing's Phone (2a) promises to be “the best-selling device in history”

It must be recognized that Nothing will be identified as the first brand that dared to modify the usual design of gadgets, whether smartphones or headphones, thanks to its commitment to “transparency”. Now, in an event broadcast from London, it has presented the Nothing, Phone (2a), inspired by its latest device and which, according to the company's director, Carl Pei, “it will become in the best-selling device in our history.

Although we have not been able to test it yet, the price (€329)/performance ratio seems very good. It has a Dimensity 7200 Pro processor designed exclusively with MediaTek. This joint work has allowed us to increase performance by 13% and efficiency by 16% compared to the Nothing Phone (1). Improvements have also been incorporated such as Smart Clean (+200% read/write speed) and Adaptive NTFS (+100% file transfer speed with Windows computers). Added to that is that they have managed to reduce the battery consumption of certain components by up to 10%.

The brain comes equipped with 20 GB RAM and storage of up to 256 GB. The battery reaches the 5,000 mAh (supposedly up to two days of use with a full charge, we will have to check it). It incorporates Android 14 with 3 years of software updates and 4 years of security updates.

The battery would have been improved to preserve more of the 90% of its maximum capacity after 1,000 charge cycles, which corresponds to about three years of daily charging. It is compatible with 45W fast charging: 50% charge in 20 minutes.

As for the cameras, it has two main 50 MPone of them an ultra wide angle, with smart technology TrueLens Engine: developed jointly with Google, it consists of capturing 8 frames with different exposure levels in RAW format and then adjusting the brightness of each pixel up to 5 times to show the most faithful result to reality. The arrangement of the cameras has changed and now, visually, they resemble two eyes centered on a rounded face. To them adds a 32 MP selfie camera with the same sensor as the Phone (2).

Black version of the Phone (2a)nothingnothing

The screen is 6.7-inch flexible AMOLED, with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a maximum brightness of 1,300 nits, something challenging in conditions of extreme external light. Its body is significantly thinner than previous models, although it maintains a screen-to-body ratio of 91.65%. Another detail of Nothing is its Glyph interface, the lights that light up on the back and can be personalized to indicate who is calling us or if we receive a message.

Your arrival in Spain will be hand in hand with a collaboration with the Perplexity AI model: Those who buy it will have a free year of the Pro version of this assistant. The Nothing Phone (2a) is available in black and white and in two configurations: 8 GB/128 GB (€329) and 12 GB/256 GB (€379)