Fifty years after the UN Water Plan, 2.2 billion people lack the resource

Almost five decades after the creation of the United Nations Water Action Plan, Some 2.22 billion people lack access to drinking water supply safe despite being the sixth sustainable development goal (SDG) and more than 70% of the world's population currently lives in places with water insecurity.

Within the framework of World Water Daywhose motto this year is “Water for peace“, data from world Bankthe World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF They also point out that 771 million people cannot access even basic services of safe drinking water and some 3.5 billion people lack safe sanitation services.

Water stress, accelerated by the impacts of climate change – which are increasingly frequent and intense – It is affecting different areas of the planet and could create conflicts between countries, including European has been warned by the European Environment Agency (EEA)in a recent report in which it states that Europe is the continent that is experiencing the most rapid warming.