FIFA is studying together with the Government a possible intervention by the RFEF

The mess in Spanish Soccer is monumental. In just a few hours, Pedro Rocha, virtual president of the RFEF, has gone from witness to investigator in the Brody case and the TAD has initiated disciplinary proceedings against him, lor that has generated a problem that the CSD must solve.

Legal sources confirmed yesterday that the head of the Court of First Instance and Instruction Number 4 of Majadahonda has agreed to charge Rocha at the proposal of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, after during the interrogation in which he appeared as a witness answered most of the questions with “I don't know.”

An accusation that occurred on the same day that he expected to be named president due to the absence of rivals. And the RFEF holds elections in May but no candidate has gathered enough endorsements except Rocha himself, who in principle was going to be named president without any opposition. Neither journalist Carlos Herrera nor lawyer Eva Parera have passed that cut, set at at least 21 endorsements. The date for his official appointment is set for April 15, but now everything can go to waste. Rocha is on the verge of disqualification, which would prevent him from taking office.

Negotiations with FIFA

But given the seriousness of the situation there is even more: The Government is already in contact with FIFA and a possible intervention by the RFEF is being studiedaccording to advance Zero Wave. If this were to happen, the football governing body He would assume all commands in La Rozas for a period of between six and 12 months. The agreement between both parties andIt is necessary so that the Government is not accused of interventionism.

It is not the first time that this possibility has been put on the table. After the searches in La Rozas and the investigation for corruption and money laundering, the president of the CSD, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, confirmed that “We are in talks with Fifa to go hand in hand on the measures that have to be taken, if any have to be taken”.

Some conversations that emerged days after the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard launched an operation for crimes of corruption and money laundering that includes searches at the Rfef headquarters in Madrid and also at the house in Granada of the was its president, Luis Rubiales, for alleged irregularities in contracts. Some contacts that have not gone down well with the Federation who ask that there be no interference.

FIFA is very attentive to what is happening in the Spanish Federation and He has warned that he will act with the forcefulness that is necessary once Justice does its job. Precisely the organization chaired by Gianni Infantino was the first to provisionally suspend Rubiales for 90 days shortly after his kiss with Jenni Hermoso and his obscene gestures in the box after the Women's World Cup final. At the end of October last year confirmed the three-year disqualification of Luis Rubiales from carrying out any activity related to football for having violated article 13 of the FIFA disciplinary code.

Now, the immediate future of Rocha and the Federation is in the hands of the TAD and the Governmentwho wants to secure the support of FIFA.