Ferrari or Aston Martin? Hamilton or Alonso?… Newey is clear

Adrian Newey is the center of attention. While the teams improvements are implemented to reduce distances in the Miami GP which will take place this coming weekend. The future of the Formula 1 “wizard” continues to be the star issue in the paddock.

The confirmation that Lewis Hamilton, seven-time world champion, will leave Mercedes at the end of next season to wear red with Ferrari in 2025, and the crisis at Red Bull, have unleashed endless speculation and potential moves that could significantly alter the Great Circus. But now -beyond the fate of Max Verstappen or Carlos Sáinz-, the focus is on the star engineer Adrian Newey.

Millionaire offers

As pointed out last week from Germany, The 65-year-old Englishman will soon announce his departure from Verstappen's team. But they went further and assured that the F-1 wizard was clear about his destiny and it would not be Aston Martin. Fernando Alonso's team seemed willing to pull out all the stops to achieve a signing that could give the Asturian the reliable car that he has been asking for for months. However, From the specialized media Auto Motor und Sport, they assumed his destiny was in Ferrari with Lewis Hamilton.

A decision that In one fell swoop he ended the Silverstone dream. However, in the last few hours, it has come to light that – despite Ferrari's offer – those at Silverstone are not giving up and have put a million-dollar offer on the table that threatens to blow up the market.

According to the media 'Motorsport', Newey has a spectacular economic offer. According to the information from this medium specialized in motor, Aston Martin has made a proposal of 100 million dollars for four years. Despite this succulent offer, it is rumored in the Great Circus that such a long contract could be a reason for him not to accept. In his favor, the challenge of leading the prestigious British brand to victory would be very exciting for Adrian Newey.

Newey's Daisy

But What does the engineer think? What is his preferred option? From Italy they point out that the architect of Red Bull's success seems to have it clear.

This is stated by the Italian journalist Giorgio Piola who has no doubt that Aston Martin is Newey's preferred option. “Newey is a genius, but he is a very sensitive person. He needs to have a calm environment around him, something he may not find anymore”explained Piola in Motorsport Italia.

“Knowing Newey, “I think he will choose Aston Martin because it has a much more relaxed climate.”he assured.

“At Ferrari there are many expectations, but also many pressures. So, perhaps it is not a climate that suits their mentality. It would be a big leap, also something extremely ambitious, because being able to return Ferrari to success would be something magical for anyone, whether a driver or technical. However, I think I would be calmer and more comfortable at Aston Martin,” says Piola.

At Silverstone they hope to take the lead.